Thursday, May 17, 2018

Monterey County Coalition of Concerned Citizens Makes It on TV

My meeting with the Monterey County for Trump activists was more than a victory. It was a dream come true, and for the members of that active team, not just for me.

For me, I have wanted to see conservative activist groups rising up in every county in the state. Anything that can be done to make California Great Again, which means that we must Make California Constitutional Again.

SB 54 is one of many laws undermining the rule of law in California, and we Californians need to stand up to this political abuse from power brokers who only want to break rules and break bread with self-serving special interests--including themselves!

Sanctuary state laws protect illegal aliens and they attract crime. SB 54 particularly protects foreign nationals who have committed multiple, serious crimes, against people as well as property. Yet for all their outpourings and outspoken activism, Monterey County for Trump gets no respect. The written and television press ignore them routinely, even though they have made a name and a claim for themselves throughout the county for the last decade.

All of that changed the week of May 15th, 2018.

After contact from one of the group leaders, I arranged with friends to stay in the Monterey County region for a few days, working with this core team of activists. They are engaged and ready to fight, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Then some of them told me to put away my red Make California Great Again hat. The problem was more than the message, but the color of it! In the local schools, students are not allowed to wear red or blue because they are gang colors, and gang-banging and gang warfare are rampant in Salinas!

I wore my hat anyway. No hate! No fear!

For this post, I want to draw out the fact that the press FINALLY showed up and reported on Monterey County's concerned citizens and produced a segment for the local news.

Of course, Felix Cortez, the news reporters from KSBW (both the ABC and NBC affiliate for the Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz media) wasn't interested in the concerns of many of us.

He showed up within half an hour of the rest of us. We first went to Monterey County Board Chairman Luis Alejo's office and paid a visit to John Philips, too. As soon as we returned to the main lobby outside of the Board Chambers, Cortez was there.

In spite of his lasting indifference--at first--he was committed to staying and summoned his cameraman to show up. He arrived about half an hour after the public portion of the meeting began.

Finally, the local press had to pay attention to the outrage and outcry of frustrated Monterey County Citizens.

Here are key shots from the video segment:

After the camera recorded our presence and actions in the board room, we spoke with Cortez after the meeting in the lobby outside.

Here's the extended interview I had with Felix Cortez, the reporter:

This video has extended footage of me and others in our team conversing--confronting--the reporter:

It's amazing how arrogant the mainstream, corporate press continues to be to the public, even though they continue losing readers, viewers, and marketshare. This recognition has not been lost on me, however, and I hammered Cortez to interview another member of the Monterey team. They live in the region, they endure the crime and corruption, they deal with the chronic assaults and attacks on their peace and safety.

From this point forward, these California patriots refused to be afraid or treated with diffidence. They confronted the reporter openly, and I recorded their interactions with him. That video should serve as a lesson and example for how to handle the media, to hold them accountable and make them respect the needs of the public.

At one point, Cortez even got upset with me: "First of all, you don't tell me what to do." YES we do get to tell the press what to do! It's an attitude adjustment which more activists needs to take on. These liberal media types have treated conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters in general with such disdain. We don't have to tolerate such disrespect or disregard any longer!

Check out these shoots between the reporter and Marcella, herself an immigrant from Mexico who loves Trump and hates sanctuary state!

Even though in the final segment he did not feature

Notice in the final report that he refused to share the interview that I and Marcella had given to him.

Felix Cortez got a number of things wrong in his report, too. He claimed that onlyl a dozen cities and counties have opted out of or opposed SB 54.

Nope! Ten counties and 35 jurisdictions--both cities and counties--have opted out of SB 54.

Sorry, make that 40!

Amador County
Butte County
Kern County
Mariposa County
Orange County
San Diego County
Shasta County
Siskiyou County
Tehama County
Tuolumne County
Aliso Viejo
California City
Costa Mesa
Dana Point
Fountain Valley
Huntington Beach
Laguna Niguel
Lake Elsinore
Los Alamitos
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
San Jacinto
San Juan Capistrano
Santa Clarita
Simi Valley
Villa Park
Yorba Linda

Also ... to the best of my knowledge, and following an inquiry with the Monterey County Clerk, the county board took no action for or against SB 54 at the meeting, yet that is precisely what Cortez reported.

What gives?

I encourage everyone reading this post to contact KSBW, specifically Felix Cortez and urge him to correct his story.

Also, please feel free to contact me if you want to get in touch with the Monterey County for Trump team to take on Sanctuary State!

Felix Cortez:
Twitter: @FelixKSBW

KSBW Front Desk: Call 831-758-8888
KSBW NEWSROOM: Call 831-422-8206, or email the newsroom at

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