Friday, May 25, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Here's Why Camarillo Chickened Out and Did Nothing

Arthur my friend, allow me to give you THE answer.

As a candidate for Ventura County Sheriff I was in Camarillo Wednesday night, my fourth appearance at a Camarillo City Council meeting ( I am the guy in the black cowboy hat and black jacket, hey I look good in black!) my twentieth Council meeting in the County since March 26th as to defeating the SB54 Rebellion.

Bruce Boyer (right)

The answer is to elect County Sheriffs who will refuse to comply with the Rebellion of SB54. We have 58 elected County Sheriffs. There are 29 counties with Sheriff elections in 2018. Many Counties have only one candidate as these are typically 'orchestrated annointings", not elections. In the races where they exist, identify and back the Sheriff candidate who will refuse to comply with the Rebellion. That will be difficult as they are too fearful and standing up for liberty, however you do have ONE candidate for sheriff, myself, who will defeat the SB54 Rebellion.It has been front and Center of my campaign since I launched in Dec 2017. If I am elected on November, take office Jan 9th; I will immediately defeat the Rebellion in VC. The Leftists will have to arrest me to stop me. If they do that Pres Trump dare not allow them to arrest a Patriot Sheriff and defeat him, so I will be back on the job, and ALL Illegals in the entire County will leave rather than be arrested. Once one sheriff shows what can be done; there will be the pressure on the elected sheriffs in the Patriot counties to follow Sheriff Boyer's lead. They will and we will defeat the Rebellion County by County.

As other Counties deny sanctuary this will increase the pressure on the Rebel/Sanctuary Counties. Their citizens will be exasperated by the influx and demand their County Sheriff end the Sanctuary State Rebellion. This will continue until there remain only LA;SF and a half dozen others who will have ALL the Illegals in them. That allows Pres. Trump to close it all down as he then has the backing of a solid majority of CA citizens. I would ask that you look at this answer.

You see that you have no other, except awaiting the President to restore our liberty. However, he is no Andy Jackson who told the Nullification Rebels that he would hang them if the did not immediately cease their rebellion, they did. I am on track to have the Court order the County Clerk to place my name on the Nov 6th ballot. I am challenging the State Law that prohibits citizens from running for the elected office of County Sheriff. Fortunately we have the State, Fed Constitutions and the entire weight of election law and an AG opinion and other direct Court rulings on our side run by my excellent attorneys. I shall return the right of the citizens to choose our candidates, be on the Nov 6th ballot, and get elected by the people who do not want to be in rebellion.

--Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff.

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