Friday, May 4, 2018

Travis Allen for Governor: Cox Donor Wants His Money Back!


Now this is a bombshell if there ever was one.

John Cox has spent $5 million already, and still can't budge past Travis Allen in a number of polls.

Now major donors are walking away from Cox, too.

Not only that, but The Travis Allen Campaign has sent out two mailers already, 8.5 x 11, while I have only received one from the Cox campaign.

Here's the whole scoop on Cox' major donor walking away from the Chicago Machine politician:

Travis Allen for Governor

John Cox's Biggest Donor Demands His Money Back

Our campaign has had a great week. We recently launched a statewide radio buy and new polling, from America's most accurate pollster in 2016, shows we have surged ahead of John Cox.

Additionally, three more county Republican parties endorsed Travis Allen for Governor last week. Sixteen county parties have now endorsed Travis's campaign, a vast majority of the counties endorsing.

John Cox is slowly realizing that while he may be able to buy the support of a few members of the political swamp, his money cannot buy the support of those working tirelessly to rebuild the Republican Party in California.

California Republicans do not want another Meg Whitman or Neel Kashkari.

As a result, John Cox has started to lash out. At a recent debate, during an off camera break, he even belligerently threatened to sue Travis. Cox's campaign staff had to rush on stage and get him to calm down.

You might have also received an email from the Cox campaign smearing a private citizen, Ken Casey, a businessman Republican contributor. The Cox campaign has put on a full court press attacking Ken in the media and even getting his local paper to print an attack piece piece on him.

What was Ken's sin? Loving our state enough to donate his hard earned money to help Republicans have a voice in California again.

Ken donated $25,000 to John Cox's campaign and also gave $100,000 to an independent expenditure committee supporting Cox (the only contributor to the independent expenditure).

Following his contributions to John Cox, Ken met Assemblyman Travis Allen and decided to support Travis and donated to Travis's campaign for Governor. In addition, he donated money to Travis Allen's Repeal the Gas Tax Ballot Measure Committee to spread the message and build the coalition to Repeal the Gas Tax.

John Cox just couldn't handle the fact that Ken was supporting Travis and decided to go on a scorched earth campaign attacking Ken. Cox's team has spread lies to the media attacking Ken and his business. Cox has even sent out emails attacking Ken, but forgetting to mention all the money Cox had accepted from him.

As a result, Ken Casey is now asking John Cox to return the donations he made to the Cox campaign and also the donation to the independent expenditure committee.

Will John Cox do the right thing and return Mr. Casey's donations? Having witnessed John Cox's complete lack of moral character and willingness to do anything to win an election, I am guessing he isn't going to step up now.

I hope that the lies and character assassination put out by John Cox has not pushed Ken Casey or others from getting involved in politics. Republicans cannot afford to lose any more supporters and donors. Bad candidates that think wealth can buy the California Governor's seat have failed time and time again.

Meg Whitman and Neel Kashkari did enough damage to our party already. We must stop John Cox before he does even more.

Emanuel Petrascu
Campaign Manager
Travis Allen for Governor



I have not been watching the debates lately. There is so much going on now to fight Sanctuary State.

More cities and counties are taking on the corrupt lawlessness emanating out of Sacramento. I want a Republican in the Top Two, and that Republican is Travis Allen. I really appreciate that Allen understands the frustrations and bitter outrage among grassroots conservatives. We had two liberal-leaning, centrist Republicans as our GOP nominee for Governor in the last two gubernatorial cycles. They both disappointed big time, and especially on the immigration issue.

Sure, Kashkari said "The answer to the world's problems is not an open border." But he had no problem with illegal aliens obtaining drivers licenses. Nuts! As for Meg Whitman, she spent more money that Jerry Brown and a host of other statewide Democratic candidates. She didn't have a lot to show for it.

Then Meg fundraised for Hillary Clinton. That is beyond unforgivable. Travis Allen is my man. I trust him to do the right thing for the state of California. He has spoken his mind and will vote the right way on issues, in large part because he already has!

Back off, John Cox

Cox has got to go!

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