Sunday, May 13, 2018

More Treachery in California: Dems Want Illegals to Serve Openly in CA Government

This outrage is nothing new for me and for the rest of We the People Rising. We fought for nearly three years to get two illegal aliens removed from two commissions in the Huntington Park government.

The fight was not as easy as one would expect, and for the time being we have withdrawn from this total corruption to win fights elsewhere.

Californians protesting illegal aliens
in Huntington Park, CA

President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the rest of the Department of Homeland Security leadership corps need to step up and deport those two illegal aliens and ensure that citizenship is restored and respected in California once again.

This report was released this weekend, exposing the rank treachery of the political class in the state of California:

A state senator in California is proposing legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to serve on state and local boards.

State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D) introduced Senate Bill 174 on Monday, amid an ongoing immigration policy battle within the state.

We all know State Senator Ricardo Lara all too well. This selfish creep has gone out of his way to poison the very body politic of our state and undermine the rule of law in our country. This is beyond outrageous.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the bill "would delete the phrase 'transient aliens' from the government code," allowing undocumented residents 18 or older to serve on civil boards and commissions.

His legislation establishes that those two illegal aliens never had right nor legal precedent to sit on the city commissions to begin with. This is disgusting, offensive, and evil. Where is ICE?

In a statement, Lara said, “California’s two million undocumented immigrants are a source of energy for our State.

Sure, for the Democratic Party.

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren predicted there will be a "resurgence of logical thought" when it comes to liberal policies toward illegal immigrants in the Golden State. 

It's already happening, Toni. Where have you been for the last two months? We the People of the state of California are rising up and pushing back against this sanctuary state nonsense, and we are tired of the political class making us pay for their lavish lifestyles while destroying our once Golden State.

"The more [that] the California representatives move to the left on this issue, the more fed up Californians are becoming," Lahren said.

“The Declaration of Independence starts out by acknowledging the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God, as the Organizing Principle of limited Constitutional Government in the United States. By comparing the Natural Law to the conventional human laws under which they were being bullied, the American People determined that a Revolution was justified. NOW IS THE TIME FOR CALIFORNIANS’ WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY TO RESIST THOSE WHO OPPOSE OUR RULE OF LAW, STARTING HERE IN CALIFORNIA, (Proverbs 28:4), says Keith Hardine, Self Defense Rights Expert.

AMEN! Right on, Keith Hardine!

In March, an undocumented attorney was appointed to a statewide post in California. The state allows undocumented immigrants to practice law, get a driver's license, receive in-state tuition and receive some welfare benefits. The state will pay the person's legal fees if arrested.

The citizens are rising up. One Millennial blasted the Santa Clarita City Council over the corrupt DREAM Act, which allows illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition, and many cases receive a free ride to college, while immigrants and citizens must pay the full price and get nothing. They played by the rules, and they still get played. How unfair!

“Holding office ... that is a privilege afforded to citizens. That is not a privilege or a right afforded to people that didn't respect this country enough to follow the rule of law to get here. Period," Lahren said.

Ya think?

* Source—CA Lawmaker Proposes Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Serve on State Boards.

Final Reflection

What we need in California is angry voters.

Democrats have pushed and pushed relentlessly this perverse, racist agenda for twenty years, but only now are California voters experiencing this overwhelming regressive agenda in full. When the state legislature wanted to go after the homeschools, the parents rose up across the state and battered the Sacramento political class. They bill's author couldn't even get a second for a vote on the bill!

That was a huge victory.

Now we see the legislature going to every lengths to push whatever agendas they can. The pain has become so great, that even Democrats are fed up with the perverse policies of their own party. Many of the left-wing Bernie supporters left the Democratic Party, too, because the state and national Democratic parties cheated to get Hillary Clinton the victory and shut down Bernie Sanders' chances.

I just wish that these left-wing activists would recognize that even Bernie Sanders sold out to Hillary Clinton, in large part because US Senate Democrats threatened his position on the Veterans Committee.

Angry California voters are doing something about the crime, crap, and corruption which defines California's current political morass. Actions like this will make sure that Democrats face nothing but pushback.

This treachery will come to an end.

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