Saturday, May 12, 2018

California's Partisan Democrats Now Regret SB 54

The Los Angeles Times, while it still prints and operates with any regularity, prints letters from the left and from Democrats.

Rarely have I ever seen them publish letters from conservatives, now that the paper has chosen to double down on its left-wing bias, even as though they lose readership and market share.

The latest set of letters focused on the growing backlash to California's sanctuary state law, SB 54.

Democrats are starting to realize that they overplayed their hand, and their unconstitutional overreach is getting push-back:

To the editor: California has consistently stated it would not help federal authorities enforce U.S. immigration law. At the same time, California has insisted that cities follow state laws.

A case in point is the passionate debate on the state's so-called sanctuary law limiting the cooperation by local law enforcement with federal immigration authorities. As a lifelong Democrat, this greatly concerns me.

This type of hypocrisy only stiffens support for President Trump and reduces Democrats' chances of becoming a majority in Congress. I support President Obama's actions to protect the undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children, but I also believe cities should be left alone to decide what is best for their residents.

Sam Burgess, South Pasadena

I also believe that states should abide by federal law, specifically on immigration which is outlined in the Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.


To the editor: Reading what was said by the anti-sanctuary protesters in Santa Clarita made my blood boil.

SB 54, California's sanctuary law, merely provides a safe space for immigrants. It seeks to prevent families from being torn apart, and most importantly, it in no way stops U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement from doing its job. Yes, the law limits cooperation with federal authorities, but ICE can still arrest or detain people.

No. SB 54 protects illegal alien criminals.

So, what's the argument by people who oppose SB 54 other than they just don't want immigrants here?

Immigrants oppose SB 54. Illegal aliens oppose SB 54!

Melissa Gonzalez, San Jose

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