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Call to Action: Tell San Diego GOP To Rescind Endorsements for Anti-American Congressional Candidates

I am so proud of Jeff Schwilk  The San Diegans for Secure Borders don't hold back when candidates do not pass the smell test. He is not afraid of standing up to the liberal lunacy and political correctness that dominates the political sphere.

San Diego is similar to Orange County, although with less of a long-standing conservative streak compared to OC, which had stayed Republican for decades, even when the rest of the state went Democratic. San Diego is getting beat down more and more with every year. One House Seat, CD-52, should be an easy pick-up for Republicans, but Brian Bilbray crashed, and by a very close margin. It looked as though a handful of candidates were going to score a victory in 2014 and 2016, but the Northern San Diego district has fallen into Scott Peters' hands again and again.

The San Diego GOP choose to endorse a Muslim with connections to radical terrorist groups. SMART!

As for the candidate running against Juan "Chicano Park" Vargas? A Mexican national with more ties to the mother country and a cursory attachment to the United States. Is this the diversity push which the CAGOP Party leadership have taught them to follow? Whose dim ideas are these, to choose candidates based on their ethnic status and potential to reach out to "minority" voters?

This kind of thinking is all wrong.

Let's state the facts about the troubling developments in San Diego County right now ...

Pro-Sharia forces and open border bigotry are working their way into the politics of both parties. Muslims tried to hijack the San Diego Unified School District curriculum, but San Diego Parents pushed back very hard. Pro-family forces rallied their own money and people to sue the school district with a lawsuit and prevent that perverse indoctrination on their students.

The fight against illegal immigration is gaining ground, too. President Trump issued stern warnings and directed necessary border and legal controls to stop the refugee "caravan" from invading our country and counting on the limited courtroom benevolence to get their way.

Jeff Schwilk has announced -- ENOUGH! -- to the San Diego GOP now, too.

For the record, Tony Krvaric had helped lead efforts to get rid of Filthy Bob Filner in 2013. Kevin Faulconer has been a little bit better, and the city has done something about the outrageous pension crisis overwhelming the city.

But San Diego is still turning into a third-world shithole, with little help from Sacramento or the San Diego Democratic Party overrunning the state with radical Muslims, welfare queens, illegal aliens, and public sector princes and princesses/.
Here are his two widespread notices

From: Jeff Schwilk
Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2018 1:47:54 AM
To: Jeff Schwilk
Subject: Email & Call SD GOP Tony Krvaric: Rescind Endorsements of John Renison Rosas and Omar Qudrat in San Diego
What happens in San Diego will spread nationwide quickly.  This is ground zero for the hostile Mexican and radical Muslim invasion and takeover of our political system, schools, and society.  They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

San Diego County Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric can and must rescind these two dangerous endorsements for Renison and Qudrat.  He needs to do it now, before the GOP Convention that starts in 2 days and voting by mail starts early next week.

Please email and call him now and forward to all San Diego Republicans and conservatives.



I'm a Mexican, But I promise
to secure our border ... for Mexico

Here is the full expose on John Renison’s true Mexican background and loyalties that was ignored by Tony Krvaric and most of the 50 members of the Central Committee who voted on April 9th to endorse him over the bonified American patriot candidate, SgtMaj Juan Hidalgo, USMC (Ret.)

Please help SgtMaj Hidalgo beat John Renison Rosas and win the primary June 5th

From: Jeff Schwilk <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 10:17 PM
Subject: SHOCKING REPORT! A CAIR-Supported Muslim and a Mexican Politician are running for Congress as REPUBLICANS in San Diego. And Endorsed by SD Co. GOP.
Importance: High

New bombshell Intel Report below by CAPT Joseph John in San Diego, US Navy (Ret.) and Former FBI Agent. 

This urgent issue goes way beyond politics; this is a potential national security issue and threat if either of these two men were to be elected to our U.S. Congress.

SDSB calls on the San Diego County Republican Party Chairman Tony Kvaric to immediately rescind their endorsements of these two unqualified and fraudulent candidates for Congress in San Diego.  They both have very questionable loyalties and backgrounds as well as confirmed ties to radical foreign and subversive interests.

John Renison Rosas – 51st District Candidate  (San Diego and Imperial Border District)
Omar Qudrat – 52nd District Candidate  (San Diego)

John Ray Renison (aka Juan Renison Rosas), 41

John Renison is a dual citizen (Mexican and U.S. Citizenship) running for Congress in the 51st District (border district).  Renison was born in Mexico, or in San Diego, depending on which country he is speaking in and/or to what audience.  He grew up in Mexicali, Mexico, graduated high school there, and has lived in Mexico most of his 41 years.  His mother is Mexican.  He says publicly that Mexico is his “homeland” (see video below).  He operates businesses and has strong business ties in Mexico to this day, and has run for political office in Mexico at least twice in the 2010s.  He has never held elected office in the U.S.  Renison is actively campaigning and soliciting donations in Mexico for his run for U.S. Congress.  Renison has been and may still be a member of Mexico’s left-leaning Green Party.  Video of John Renison on Mexican TV in his own words:

His campaign website asks people to send checks to his campaign to an office suite (#7) in Imperial Beach in the 51st District, but that office is empty (see attached photos).  Strangely, Omar Qudrat also lists the same empty office suite as his campaign headquarters on his website.  A source of ours peeked through the mail slot Sunday afternoon and the office was completely empty except for a few chairs and a table.  No campaign signs, equipment, or materials.  Nothing.  It is probably just a mail drop for both of them.  No other addresses are listed for either of their Congressional “campaigns”.

Renison claims he lives in the Coronado Cays in a $1.3 million home on Trinidad Bend, but he is not the owner of that home and never has been.  If he does live there, that house is outside the 51st District that he is running for Congress in.  He also owns a house in Calexico, which is in the 51st district, but we can find no record of him ever living there.

John Renison just recently jumped into this Congressional race against an outanding conservative candidate and combat veteran, SgtMaj Juan Hidalgo, who ran for this seat in 2016 and was endorsed by the San Diego County GOP back then.  Renison got the recent SD GOP endorsement at the last minute before the Central Committee vote, possibly in part due to a large donation that was made to the Republican Party.  

Full background here:

Omar Kamal Qudrat, 36

Omar Qudrat is a proud Muslim candidate from outside San Diego County – either Los Angeles, Washington DC, or New York, depending on which records you look at.  His background is mostly a mystery and his website gives no details about his past except some vague claims of working for the government prosecuting terrorists, but he is not a prosecutor.  He claims to be a practicing lawyer, but he has never been licensed with the California Bar to practice law here.  He is a licensed attorney in New York.  Records indicate Qudrat has never voted in a California election.  He claims to be from Los Angeles and records do show multiple addresses for him and his family members in the L.A. area.  He has no ties nor previous addresses anywhere near San Diego County.  Qudrat supposedly now lives in a high rise building in downtown San Diego, but IF that’s true, that puts him outside the 52nd District that he is running for Congress in.  Qudrat has never held or run for political office before.  

Shockingly, Omar Qudrat is being supported, promoted, and financed nationally by Muslims with ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Some of the donors to his campaign in the attachment above have been confirmed to be members of one or both of those radical Islamic groups.  Almost all of them live outside San Diego County and many of them live outside California.  They have donated many thousands of dollars to Qudrat’s campaign to help him become the next Congressman from San Diego, a new and growing Muslim stronghold in the United States. 

CAPT John’s detailed research and report proves once again that it is absolutely crucial to vet all candidates thoroughly prior to endorsing and supporting  them.  Careless endorsements like the San Diego GOP did on Renison and Qudrat do great harm to the conservative movement in America and all of us fighting to make America great again and keep us safe from foreign threats.

Jeff Schwilk, Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders
MSgt, USMC (Ret.), Military Intelligence


This action is meaningful to me on many levels. For the last five years, I have witnessed California's Republican Central Committees get away with making bad decisions and undermining good people for political quiescence, in the vain hopes that they could make a few wins by making the least noise or taking limited stances on controversial subjects.

That kind of mealy-mouthed activity never works. Look at the Boy Scouts, which are now giving up the word "Boy" to more inclusive. The results will be that fewer families will sign up their boys for this organization, and ultimately the whole movement will die away.

The California Republican Party is ebbing away because they refuse to stand for anything. They do not hold their candidates and elected officials to any standards, but pretty much allow them to get away with believing whatever they want to believe, but those candidates can still call themselves whatever they want to.

The Chairman said to one group "We need to be nice."

Being Nice Doesn't Work, and too many left-wing forces and influences have taken care of this undue benevolence. It's time to confront the leaders in our political parties as well as our government--at all levels.

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