Friday, May 4, 2018

Washington State GOP: Jobless in Seattle

I follow other state Republican parties around the country, in addition to receiving emails and updates from the California GOP.

It is astounding what blue state GOP organizations must face just to get by. In Washington State, Republicans held a slim majority in the state senate. Then one seat opened up, and the candidate running to replace the retiring incumbent ran away from Trump and tried to make up for the Trump-Clinton deficit which had swept the state senate district in 2016.

The state party is fighting as hard as they can, in spite of these losses. The previous chairman was hoping that a Trump victory in the Evergreen State would give a boost for the down ticket. Trump would bring back the timber industry to a state where regressive leftists along the coastline had ruined everyone else's lives.

Now Seattle is doubling down on their socialist, redistributionist agenda, pushing another set of ridiculous tax increases.

Could it be worse? It could come to California, that's for sure. Californians are starting to push back against Sacramento insanity. Is there enough pushback in Seattle and throughout Washington State to put a stop to the tax-and-spendthrift insanity.


Seattle is the most anti-business city in the nation.

Kshama Sawant, Jenny Durkan, and the Seattle City Council have declared a war on jobs. They want to tax businesses per employee. Yes, you heard that right.

Seattle companies are fed up, aren't you? 
Amazon announced they are halting expansion until the Council votes on the head tax in upcoming weeks - 8,000 jobs are at risk!
This is not just an isolated problem for Seattle. Ultra-liberal Democrats have control of the legislature, and they won’t stop until they’ve squeezed every last dime out of businesses and taxpayers.

Fortunately, every State House member and half the State Senate is up for election this year, and we’re working hard to take Seattle-style Democrats out of office. 
Will you make a contribution today to make sure we can keep up the pressure? We just need to flip one seat in each chamber to take back control!
Republicans want to help create jobs and boost the economy. Will you pitch in $10, $20, or even $50 today to help us elect legislators who will make sure that jobs stay in Washington?
Toward Victory,


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