Thursday, May 3, 2018

Update: Ventura County Patriots Take Stand Against SB 54, Gain Ground Against City Council

Last week, I wrote a fairly terse letter to Councilman--and Pastor--Rob McCoy. I understand that he is a resolute conservative, that he is a credible and welcome following at his church in Thousand Oaks.

But I was really unhappy that he had not taken an overt steps to get the Thousand Oaks City Council on board to oppose SB 54.

I called him out, demanding that he put his oath of office pre-eminent and make the difference to ensure that the city of Thousand Oaks would do its job to recognize the Supremacy of the United States Constitution and federal law, then take the steps to oppose and opt out of SB 54.

He was really unhappy with the letter that I wrote, and he threatened to send it to other pastors and preachers around the state. Some people in Ventura County told me that I had gone too far.

But guess what? I got results. McCoy responded to my letter, and he started answering the phone calls of parishioners, city leaders, and members of the Thousand Oaks community who were tired of the inaction from the city council.

What happened on May 1, 2018 was truly inspiring.

Check out the report below written by Greg Aprahamian, a conservative fighter against illegal immigration based in Santa Clarita:

Thousand Oaks CA Moves Closer To Joining SB54 Challenge


The Thousand Oaks City Council announced on Tuesday May 1, that it would put the SB54 court challenge on the June 5th or June 19 City Council agenda.

Many in attendance were unhappy with the June agenda, but the City Council said that Ventura County Sheriff Dean needed to attend.

This was the third and largest Thousand Oaks City Council meeting where growing numbers of grassroots activists have attended specifically ask the city council to join the court challenge against SB54.  

The meeting was packed overwhelmingly with those speaking out against SB54.  The mood in the room was upbeat because of the growing numbers of those coming to speak against SB54.

At least four legal immigrants at the Council meeting spoke out against SB54 and questioned why illegal aliens incarcerated in CA prisons should be held above legal immigrants and above Federal law enforcement.

One speaker recounted how as a legal immigrant she had to undergo FBI background checks of every country she had lived in prior to coming to the US, and what an amazing  double standard it was for the State of California to protect illegal aliens incarcerated in California prisons from Federal law enforcement.

Don Rosenberg spoke about how sanctuary policies directly led to the killing of his son by an illegal alien.  Moved by Don Rosenberg’s presentation the audience gave Don a standing ovation after he finished speaking.

Overall the Council meeting was polite and friendly.  A minority of around 4-5 people spoke in favor of SB54, and the audience gave them a few jeers in response, but things remained generally polite.

My message to the City Council was that, the challenge to SB54 was truly a grassroots effort by Californians and it was only a small minority of far Left extremist who supported SB54 and that the public doesn’t support SB54 because we don’t benefit from it.  I added that I was from Santa Clarita and then invited everyone in attendance to come to our May 8th City Council meeting to help Santa Clarita join the SB54 court challenge.

Greg Aprahamian


The Ventura County Deplorables really inspire me. They are organized and committed, and they have made incredible inroads with their elected officials and local leaders. I am so glad that Don Rosenberg showed up to speak out against illegal immigration and illegal aliens. He has every right and reason to speak out, since his son was taken away from him in such a cruel fashion, a liberal who was mugged so tragically by reality.

Now, what's going on with Thousand Oaks wanting to punt on this issue?

Why does the city council want to bring the Sheriff into the mix?

This is another stalling tactic, pure and simple. The sheriff, Geoff Dean, who is up for re-election this year, had spoken out against SB 54 last year. He didn't want the legislation to pass. Sadly, it has become the law of the land.

However, it's unconstitutional, and every civic government which has taken an oath to the uphold and defend the United States Constitution must reject this perverse lawless "law". So, what's going on? The city council wants to bring in the sheriff, who will declare to the city council and the public that SB 54 is not interfering with his work.


In fact, here are the exact words, statements, and sentiments from Sheriff Dean last year:

The city council wants to point to the sheriff, who does not want anything done to fight against SB 54, and then the council can look at the growing number of angry voters in the city and say: "Hey, your chief law enforcement officer is not worried about SB 54. You are not going to make us go against the Sheriff, are you?"

Give me a break.

The citizens of California, particularly in Ventura County, are "getting woke" to their power as citizens are not putting up with these dilatory tactics anymore. The Thousand Oaks City Council is sensing the frustration of the voters in their city, and they need to pay attention.

Or they will be out of a job. What's worse, does anyone want to risk another gruesome murder like that of Anthony Mele? Or Drew Rosenberg? Or Kate Steinle?!

Contact the Thousand Oaks City Council, the Ventura County Sheriff, and the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.

Tell them to put California citizens and public safety first, and stop stalling. Tell them to oppose and opt out of SB 54!

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