Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Open Letter to Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft: My Deep Disappointment Over SB 54

Dear Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft:

I have shared in the past my contentment with your leadership on a number of issues. You stood up to Pat Furey on a number of issues and were willing to push for his son's removal from the Torrance Traffic Commission two years ago.

Today, however, I share deep disappointment.

You were not elected to the city council to follow the crowd, but to take a stand, and we need the Torrance City Council to oppose SB 54, to uphold the rule of law, and most importantly to uphold your oath of office.

That has yet to happen.

I am contacting you through this venue to share my deep disappointment with you.

I am astonished and sad that you have taken no action whatsoever on the Torrance City Council to get the city of Torrance to opt of SB 54.

This law is dangerous, immoral, and unconstitutional.

It is deeply disappointing that you will not take the lead on this matter. Do you know care about the safety and security of our citizenry?

Do you not regard the oath of office which you took when you were appointed and then elected to the city council?

This delay and reticence is unacceptable!

We need the city of Torrance to join with her sister cities and counties throughout the state. It is sad and unfortunate that Torrance, a leading city on so many issues, has not led the fight against Sanctuary State.

Make a motion tonight to bring this issue up for discussion in a future Torrance City Council meeting. If your colleagues will not support you--that is to their shame. 

For you to do nothing, however, that is to your shame.


Arthur Schaper

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