Friday, May 25, 2018

Why Did Trump Endorse Cox Instead of Travis Allen?

President Trump is doing a stellar job as President. Even if Congress fails to keep its promises, the President has taken one goal after another off the list, completing the issues as needed.

He didn't get out of DACA right away, but at least he finally did it. It took a while, but I am so thankful that the President got busy and started righting our government, especially our immigration system, back on the right course.

He is not just staunchly pro-life, but he is governing that way, cutting the federal funding to Planned Murderhood and speaking out for life in rallies across the country. He was the first sitting President to speak at the March for Life in Washington DC. He is also endorsing pro-life justices and federal judges for courts all over the country.

I did not like the Omnibus that he signed, and I am still not fully invested in tariffs--unless the income tax is scrapped.

I also do not like many of his endorsements for federal and statewide offices.

He got behind Luther Strange in the Alabama primary once US Senator Jeff Sessions was nominated then confirmed as US Attorney General. He also supported John Cox, the Chicago carpet-bagger who has never won an elected office, who has no fire in his belly, who does not inspire the conservatives who voted for Trump. The biggest reason? Cox didn't vote for Trump in November 2016, but rather he got behind Gary Johnson as a protest vote.

He is also dithering on other issues, like the construction of the wall along our southern border. He supports stack-and-pack housing, and he spoke out in favor of a carbon tax. UGH!

Still, President Trump endorsed John Cox. Why?

First of all, the President and his team are looking at Congress. They need to hold the House of Representatives, and right now Democrats are working overtime attacking every available seat, including the ones which Hillary Clinton won over Donald Trump. Seven house seats in California went for Hillary Clinton, even if by the slimmest margins. Notwithstanding those outcomes, the incumbents all won re-election by comfortable margins.

I believe the whole "Hillary won" margin is a farce. Donald Trump was not the palatable candidate to many mainstream Republicans, although I believe that many of them were worried about defending this vote to their friends and neighbors at the awards ceremonies and the tea parties they routinely attend.

There are so many Democrats with money jumping into these races, and there are enough Republicans with strong name ID that it is looking more likely that two Republicans will burst through in some of these races. CD-39 and CD-49 are open seats because of retirements, and Dana Rohrabacher is taking on not just the Democrats but one of his corrupt former proteges Scott Baugh. I still don't understand why anyone would want to topple Dana?

He's doing a great job!

One source tells me that Kevin McCarthy, the current House Majority Leader, told Trump to get behind John Cox. He has the money and he does have more name ID right now because of all his money. Moreover, Trump is not going to look over lots of information to make a decision.

Let's also not forget that Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney for US Senate, yet he could not get the backing of the Utah caucuses and now must compete for the vote. Romney is another carpetbagger, much like John Cox, and his challenger is already racking in the money to fight back.

Travis Allen, my choice for governor, is facing so many hardships, too, and is getting less money, but he makes up for the fewer donations with lots of heart and widespread support. County Central Committees throughout the state are getting behind Travis Allen, most likely because of pressure and connections with his fellow Assembly colleagues.

Either way, Trump' decision is bad on its surface. If we do get a Republican in the Top Two for Governor, however, then we can at least say that this bad gamble will pay off in the long-run. California has so many problems facing its voters, and the last thing that we need is two Democrats at the Top of the Ticket both pledging to take us to Gomorrah, one slouching (Villaraigosa) and the other sprinting (Gavin Newsom).

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