Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Discharge" Jeff Denham: Focus on Americans, Not Illegal Aliens!

Jeff Denham represents Stanislaus County in Northern California. He is generally conservative on a number of issues.

BUT for one ..

He is pro-amnesty, and he has routinely kicked his base in the teeth every year that he has been elected to Congress. We don't need bipartisanship when it comes to security of our country.

Amnesty is a no-go, and recent polling indicates that 60% of his constituents do not support DACA, amnesty, or any kind of open borders proposal.

Denham is listening to Big Ag, not his constituents.

There is no excuse for this perverse nonsense.


Don't Let Jeff Denham get away with putting illegal aliens ahead of American Citizens.

This is California right now:

Congressman Jeff Denham: Focus on Water and Homeless Citizens, not Illegals - YouTube

He should be focusing on the water issues. He needs to care about Americans: our homeless, foster children, mentally ill, our veterans--our homeless veterans!

Call Jeff Denham: Tell him to PUT AMERICANS FIRST!

Tell him to pull his discharge petition immediately and push for immigration legislation which stresses the following issues:

1. Enforcement
2. Enforcement
3. Enforcement

OK, four things ...

Build That Wall!

No Discharge Petition for Amnesty!

Here are his two office numbers:

Modesto Office: (209) 579-5458
Washington, DC Office: (202) 225-4540

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