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Camarillo: Great Patriot Organization--Disappointing Outcome

The city of Camarillo was supposed to be the second victory in Ventura County against SB 54. In some senses, there were wins, even though the city council decided to do nothing for now.
Simi Valley filed an amicus brief against against the state of California, but La Raza threatened the city with a lawsuit because they allege that they city had passed the agenda item in closed session, violating of the states' open meeting laws. Simi Valley will have another meeting in June to rectify this issue -- let's hope that Simi Valley doesn't lose their courage to fight against SB 54 as they had done earlier this month.

As for Camarillo ...

As I had written, there were some significant wins for our side.

The patriots did outnumber the open border bigots and Brown Supremacists. Mandy Jacob did a count for everyone. I passed out so many signs, and I got so few of them back because so many of our fellow American patriots showed up in full force. I met so many new people who opposed SB 54.
Check out the incredible spirit of the LA County and Ventura County Trump supporters and "No on SB 54" activists:

I also got to meet Don Rosenberg in person for the first time:

He's been fighting hard against illegal immigration and the rampant lawlessness which it brings into our communities. His son was killed by an illegal alien driver in San Francisco in 2010. Since then, Don has actively fought against illegal immigration, amnesty, and lax enforcement from our state and federal officials.

Our Camarillo team displayed courage and boldness like never before.

Here are some winning videos of our growing chorus of opposition to Sanctuary State Lawlessness:

and also

Here's the entire video that I recorded of the meeting:

The public comment period lasted for four hours, and I had to leave before the final vote because of a flight out of LAX the next day. By the time I returned home, two people told me that Camarillo punted. Instead of taking a stand against SB 54, the city council voted to receive and file the information from the city attorney--and do nothing else.

It was sad, but not devastating and not really surprising. The city attorney slanted his presentation of the issue from the outset. He even admitted to the audience that he did not want to send a letter opposing SB 54, nor did he want to file an amicus brief.

For my public comment, I had prepared some scripted remarks. After Camarillo city attorney Brian Pierik's very biased, incomplete presentation, I called him out on everything that he had overlooked:
The California Sheriff's Association still opposes SB 54, even after Governor Brown's so-called amendments to the improve the bill. I should add that even though police chiefs like LAPD Chief Charlie Beck supported SB 54, individual police officers do not, but they fear speaking out because of retaliation.

The city attorney stated that five counties and twenty cities had taken different actions against SB 54.


Not five, but eleven counties have opted out of SB 54, and they are:
  1. Amador County
  2. Butte County
  3. Kern County
  4. Mariposa County
  5. Orange County
  6. San Diego County
  7. Shasta County
  8. Siskiyou County
  9. Tehama County
  10. Tulare County
  11. Tuolumne County
  12. Calaveras!
BREAKING NEWS -- as of this writing, I discovered that a TWELFTH county has issued a resolution in oppostion to SB 54: Calaveras County!

He said 20 cities, but it's more than that. I had stated 45 cities, and the correct tally is 43. Before the meeting started, someone had told me that a city named "Cardiff" had opted out -- but there is no such city. One could expand the standards for this list with San Marcos, in which the mayor filed his own amicus brief; and San Dimas, in which councilman Ryan Vienna filed his own amicus brief with the Department of Justice.

The current number of cities (not counting individual elected officials in their own right) which have taken action are 43:
1.      Amador County
2.      Butte County
3.      Kern County
4.      Mariposa County
5.      Orange County
6.      San Diego County
7.      Shasta County
8.      Siskiyou County
9.      Tehama County
10.  Tulare County
11.  Tuolumne County
1.      Adelanto
2.      Aliso Viejo
3.      Anderson
4.      Apple Valley
5.      Barstow
6.      Beaumont
7.      California City
8.      Carlsbad
9.      Colusa
10.  Corona
11.  Costa Mesa
12.  Dana Point
13.  Escondido
14.  Fountain Valley
15.  Glendora
16.  Hanford
17.  Hemet
18.  Hesperia
19.  Highland
20.  Huntington Beach
21.  Laguna Niguel
22.  Lake Elsinore
23.  Lake Forest
24.  Lincoln
25.  Los Alamitos
26.  Mission Viejo
27.  Murrieta
28.  Newport Beach
29.  Orange
30.  Ridgecrest
31.  Ripon
32.  San Jacinto
33.  San Juan Capistrano
34.  Santa Clarita
35.  Simi Valley
36.  Upland
37.  Villa Park
38.  Waterford
39.  Westminster
40.  Wildomar
41.  Yorba Linda
42.  Yuba City
43.  Yucaipa
I couldn't resist slamming Pierik during public comment. It's surprising that the the city attorney couldn't do a basic Google search to find this information. Either he's incompetent or unethical, and either way the Camarillo taxpayers are not getting their money's worth.

I also slammed the city attorney for not mention what the city of Orange had done: a stay of compliance. The city attorney failed to mention that SB 54 violates United States Constitution Article IV, Section 4, and he forgot (or willfully left out) to mention that San Diego County voted for file an amicus brief for the appellate courts since no doubt the DOJ case against California will advance to the 9th Circuit.

Many people in the audience supported my comments, and I hope that people will follow up on that.
I want to commend Michael Smith of Camarillo for putting together an incredible group of like-minded conservative activists to show up to the meeting. As I had written above, our numbers in the chambers did outnumber the left-wing activists.

Not only that, but their behavior was beyond disgraceful, and I captured it all on video.
Check them out below:

One last thing ...

Our presence at the Camarillo City Council meeting was so influential, that even Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean showed up to quell the growing unrest--and righteous indignation--from the community about SB 54. He had spoken out against the bill, but now stands with the law? He says that the legislation is not preventing or harming his officers from doing their jobs?
I highly doubt that, and I fear that Sheriff Dean is making these remarks because he fears losing funding from the state government.

 Final Reflection

The Camarillo city council chose to do nothing more than receive and file the reports from the city attorney. What a sad downturn considering that they city council had issued a letter opposing SB 54 last year. Not only that, but the city of Glendora had done the same thing last year, and this year they passed a second resolution and filed an amicus brief against the state of California, too!
What were they thinking? Why did the Camarillo City Council chicken out?
  1. Sheriff Dean spoke out against any further actions on SB 54.
  2. The city attorney gave a biased, incomplete presentation on the law and responses from the state.
  3. One source informed me that the city council feared a lawsuit against them for taking a stand, so they did nothing. Pretty incredible.
Beyond that, I don't have an answer, but I would submit that the California citizens' movement against SB 54 is getting stronger by the day and we showed great resolve and organization at the May 23 meeting.

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