Tuesday, May 22, 2018

BREAKING: Major Meltdown by Muslim Carpetbagger RINO in San Diego County

12 minutes of some of the most unbelievable and unhinged talk radio you will ever hear!  One on one interview with Omar Qudrat by Roger Hedgecock Friday.  

Qudrat immediately attacks Hedgecock and threatens to sue him for defamation and slander, but then he can’t name one lie that Hedgecock allegedly told about him on the radio last week.  Then Hedgecock proceeds to give him a major beat down and exposes him for being a recent carpetbagger to San Diego from Washington, DC and then lying about that fact when he first moved here to a downtown high rise apartment late last year.   Qudrat is flailing wildly now that all his secrets are spilling out.  He is calling everyone spreading the truth and asking questions about him “discredited” and “fake news”.   Those sound like great terms to describe Qudrat’s dying campaign. 

May 18th, 5pm  (12 minutes):


- Qudrat eventually admits that he is a carpetbagger from outside San Diego County – way outside, and that he is not a lawyer and owns no businesses in CA (as his website claims), and has never voted in California.   He did not deny any of that during the interview.   He tried to throw out numerous red herrings to deflect from those facts, but listeners could tell he was squirming and trying to change the subject.  

- After several minutes of Qudrat rambling on and bragging about his work in D.C., Roger Hedgecock finally tells Qudrat “you’re just a fog machine” for constantly throwing out red herring arguments during the interview and not addressing the long-standing questions about him and his recent past.

- Near the end of the 12 minute interview, Qudrat finally admits he was wrong in his accusations of Hedgecock and withdraws his threatened lawsuit.  He admits that ‘someone told him’ that Roger recently told lies about him on air, but that he didn’t actually listen to the broadcast and could not name one single lie that Roger said.

FACT:  No one has ever accused Qudrat’s family members or any supporter in particular of supporting CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood.  That is Qudrat’s desperate red herring he keeps throwing out in every interview try to gain sympathy with the public claiming he is being attacked because he is Muslim.  But we have confirmed through high government sources that some of his 400+ donors do support radical extremist groups.  Quadrat has NEVER denied that SOME of his campaign donors are radicals and he has never said anything about returning donations from CAIR-supporting donors.  He reportedly has raised over $270,000 so far with many of his donors being Muslims from other states.  Anyone can verify that on his public FEC filings.   Also, neither Qudrat, nor his staff has ever reached out to Capt. Joseph John to discuss or dispute any of the information contained in his two published reports this month.  That tells you he knows this is all true, but he’s trying to use conservative talk radio to deny the facts.  He was hoping no one would debate him.  Roger Hedgecock rightfully did.

Omar Qudrat showed clearly during the interview above that he is not fit for Congress by the way he maliciously, rudely, and falsely attacked and smeared  Roger Hedgecock and his impeccable reputation with false accusations and threatening to sue him and KFMB, on air.  Qudrat is unhinged now because he knows EVERYTHING in Capt. John’s latest article (below) is true.  He has never disproved one claim, because he can’t!   Qudrat is a slick talker, but he’s got a lot of secrets about his true background that he doesn’t want to the voters to know about.

Omar's Donors from Terrorist Group CAIR

By the way, inside sources have told us that Tony Krvaric is watching his endorsed candidate Omar Qudrat implode and is privately telling Central Committee members and others high in the local GOP to support whichever of the other four Republican candidates they want in the 52nd District race.  Krvaric is obviously hoping that Qudrat does not win so that this PR disaster for the San Diego GOP will end on June 5th and not stretch out all the way until November.   What a mess.   Maybe next time the inept Central Committee members will do their homework and vet their candidates better.  Endorsing some unknown, slick-talking guy from D.C. with no political experience for Congress in San Diego was one of the dumbest moves ever made by the SD GOP, and that’s saying something.

Hopefully the voters in the 52nd Congressional district will be smarter than the GOP “leadership” and vote for someone with roots and ties to San Diego.  At least someone who has lived here more than 6 months.

Jeff Schwilk
Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

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