Saturday, January 7, 2017

Making California Great Again: Congressman Issa (and Peters!) Ending H-1B Visa Abuses

H-1B visa abuse is becoming well-known.

Former engineers who worked for the Disney corporation reported the pain and shame of learning that they would be laid off, and that they would have to train their replacements. The company assured them that they would be hired into another department, but instead they got nothing.

Check out the video below:

Perrero and many others were terminated because of guest workers, whom they had trained!

Can you imagine having you job taken from you because the corporation could bring in a cheaper employee ... from overseas? Outrageous!

Apparently, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) is taking action on this abuse.

From his House website:

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) today re-introduced legislation to help stop the outsourcing of American jobs and to reform the nation’s high-skilled immigration program. H.R. 170, the “Protect and Grow American Jobs Act,” makes important changes to the eligibility requirements for H1-B Visa exemptions that will help crack down on abuse and ensure these spots remain available for the best and brightest talent from around the world.

Congressman Issa’s bill is introduced with the support of fellow San Diego area Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA).

This is incredible. Even the liberal Democrat Scott Peters is coming on board.

But not everyone is happy with this reform to an abused program/

Rep. Darrell Issa is trying to change the H-1B visa program. OK, that's fine, that's what lawmakers are for, to propose and consider the law and possible changes in it. However, he's saying that he wants to change this law so as to remove the profit motive from it. Which sounds very odd indeed--for profit is a measure of how much value is being added by an activity.

How specifically is the "profit motive" being removed?

The Tribune of India put the pieces together, showing how corporations higher cheaper labor to save money and get the same work for a lower price:

"The legislation we're introducing today does both. It will ensure that our valuable high-skilled immigration spots are used by companies when the positions cannot be filled by the existing workforce," Issa said.

By raising the salary to a level more in-line with the average American salary for these positions, it would help cut down on abuse by removing the profit incentive and ensuring these positions remain available for companies who truly need them, a media release said.

If a company wants to bring in an H-1B employee, that person would still have to be paid the same wage as an American worker would receive if the company hired a citizen here.

"Curbing abuse of the H1B system will protect American jobs and help ensure that visas are available for innovators who need them to maintain a competitive workforce," Peters said.

The needs has been changed to ensure that hiring practices exhaust their search for talent in this country before going oversees.

But the Forbes writer does not like this proposal one bit:

The very point of an H-1B being that the work is not offshored, the labour (and the tax revenue, the spending of the amount earned and so on) is onshored. They're opposites, offshoring and immigration, even if only to work, visas. But it's this that really produces the head scratching.

Certainly the work is "onshored," but the work is done by a foreigner, not an American!

No wonder the elites got Election 2016 wrong! They are not considering the well-being and primary need for American citizens! They don't understand the flooding of the labor market in the United States, and how it impacts people in this country!

I know a lady who lost her job because she could not speak Spanish. She ended up homeless because this country would not enforce the immigration laws, and colluded with big business interests to allow the cheap labor in.

Whatever happened to our government respecting the interests of Americans? Why is this a crime or a marginal concern compared to the profit motives of private companies?

One of Worstall's readers commented:

Lijuan Li:
I believe what Issa is referring to is making a profit replacing US workers with cheaper foreign nationals. The point of the H1-B program is to import workers with special qualification where insufficient numbers exist, not to replace those already in existence or to keep salaries artificially low. Everyone makes profits (or should) as a result of their employees work. That is expected. But they shouldn’t make more than they would otherwise if they used existing US workers.

I could not have said it better myself.

This is a great idea, and reflects the changing attitudes across the country about immigration. The conflict over labor needs, national security, and an economic policy which benefits Americans has grabbed the attention of the average voter.

Now longer do people see the fight for enforcement as a mere political fight to prevent larger Democratic hordes vs. Republican chances to stay relevant in California or anywhere else across the country. Nor does anyone see the fight to crack down on H-1B abuses and illegal immigration as a nativist, xenophobic backlash to diverse communities within the United States or a subtle attack against the unique, patriotic heritage of this country.

Trump's campaign against illegal immigration is now a mainstream topic, and two Congressmen in the same state and on presumably opposite sides of every other ideological concern have found common ground to put Americans first.

Amazing! Trump is already making America Great Again!

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