Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hawaii Conservatives vs. Pro-Illegal Alien RINOS! (Sound Familiar?)

This has to be the saddest situation in memory for a Republican looking out.

I thought Rhode Island was bad.

Go to Hawaii, and the difference between Republicans and Democrats is practically ... non-existent!

This is the future of California if grassroots Republicans don't push back and demand real leadership and principled fighting in Sacramento and throughout the state.

We don't need sellouts, we nee stand-outs!

Check out what the Hawaii Republican Assembly does it Republican and Democratic members of the woefully lopsided state legislature:


Aloha Republicans:
 It is with a heavy heart and an abundance of outrage that HIRA must report to you that Hawaii's Democrat controlled state government has declared Hawaii to be a "Sanctuary State" by mandating that all four of our county DMV's issue driver's licenses to an estimated 40,000+ illegal aliens in Hawaii.
The worst part of this story is that, according to official records at the State Capitolall seven of Hawaii's elected Republicans in the State House unanimously joined with Democrats in pushing Obama's harmful amnesty agenda right here in the islands.  The leader of these Republicans?  Beth Fukumoto, of course.
Not only does this terrible new law reward and incentivize lawbreaking, but it provides sanctuary to illegals, takes jobs and available rental homes away from lawful Hawaii residentscreates traffic congestion (40,000 more cars on Oahu's highways), and puts Hawaii's government employees and our law enforcement officers in the position of actually helping those in the country illegally to continue breaking the law rather than helping to deport people who don't seem to mind breaking our nation's laws.   We're not talking about 20 or 200 or 2,000 illegal aliens.  But 40,000+ who should not be here in the USA.
Please sit down before you read this.  This new law was actually being debated two years ago, during the 2015 legislative session.  But just like our sellout, phony Republicans in Hawaii's state legislature, our own party leaders chose to keep you in the dark about the Obama-inspired driver's license proposal.  RohlfingSaikiHellreichMarumoto and the rest of the Hawaii GOP's state and county leadership were complicit through their silence.

WHY didn't they lead the fight by activating the party organization that Rohlfing, Hellreich, Saiki and Marumoto have had years to amass?  Why didn't they even bother to inform us?  It's their job to speak out for the GOP agenda.  But they chose to help Democrats instead.  It must be why our party leaders in Hawaii have manipulated party rules for years to ensure that the official platform of Hawaii Republicans is completely NEUTRAL on all issues.  [Sadly, if any conservatives exist in any party leadership roles, they have been neutralized and perhaps even neutered beyond recognition.]

And WHY did these turncoat Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINO's) vote FOR Obama's amnesty-sanctuary agenda for illegal aliens (a.k.a. "undocumented Democrats")???  According to State records, McDermottPouhaWardTupolaFukumotoCheape and Thielen decided to go along with the Democrats . . . probably thinking that you wouldn't even notice their traitorous backstabbing of the American people.  [FYI:  only State Senator Sam Slom voted against this bill out of 76 legislators at the State Capitol.]
There's No Doubt Our Party Has Been Hijacked by Liberals and RINO's.
If you're as bothered by the direction of our sellout Hawaii GOP as we are, then join the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) today and take back our party and our state.  HIRA needs your help making party leaders, our neutral party organization, and our elected GOP officials to start acting like the Republicans they claim to be.

Here at HIRA, we are real Republicans in Hawaii doing battle every single day with Democrats and their harmful liberal agenda.  We take the conservative agenda very seriously, unlike RINO's.  Click HERE to join us today!

On the other hand, remember when these RINO politicians (above) and the RINO Hawaii GOP asks for your money, what they are doing with your support is sneaking around to help Obama, Ige, and Caldwell.  Look closely and you'll see that every single penny raised by the Hawaii GOP is being used to subvert the political agenda of real Republicans in the islands.  $150 Lincoln Dinner ticket = Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens and other terrible Democrat policies that Fukumoto, Thielen and the rest of the RINO's support.  

IF YOU REMEMBER ONE THING:  The same Hawaii Republican House Caucus led by Gene Ward voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of establishing Hawaii's Obamacare "Connector" Exchange which was recently shut down after wasting hundreds of millions of YOUR tax dollars over several years.  You deserve better than this.


 Folks, what we need more than anything is a political party which is under completely new management.  So, if you also want a Hawaii GOP which challenges Democrats, challenges the liberal media, challenges failed policies, and works 24/7/365 to help make the Republican Party the majority party in Hawaii, then please joinThe Phoenix Project -- a coalition of conservatives and 'real Republicans' united to bring positive changes to our party in 2017 so we can start to fix the many problems in Hawaii.

For more information on how you can get involved and to register, please go to GOP Reform: Project Phoenix .  Mahalo!

The Official SuperPAC for the Hawaii Republican Assembly

P.S.   Please contribute $10, $25, or $100 today to help HIRA hold liberals accountable and put conservatives in charge of our agenda.

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