Monday, January 9, 2017

BCR's Open Letter to RPLAC Leaders: What is Your Problem?

To the Republican Party of Los Angeles County By-Laws Committee:

On behalf of the Beach Cities Republicans, we find any allegations against BCR spurious and unfounded.

As I had discussed with Executive Director Jason Maruca and former Chairman Mark Vafiades, your upset about one libertarian candidate speaking at our club is selective enforcement.  Previous BCR President David Hadley had permitted independent candidates to speak, as did Evan Chase.

And no action was taken against them.

Furthermore, the state by-laws and the county by-laws do NOT prohibit me from informing members--and the public--about unethical actions of the county party.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution is inviolable, and supersedes county partisan organizations.

You have neglected to bear in mind that AD-66 Chairwoman Janice Webb attempted to pressure me to cancel a meeting, then called my work to pressure my boss to pressure me. Those actions are illegal, a violation of California Labor Codes.

Also, the RPLAC By-Laws committee violated the county by-laws with their attempt to pressure me to resign without a hearing or a presentation of evidence against me or the club. The hasty process from the By-Laws committee to rule BCR in violation -- which had occurred on November 7th (?)--was in fact acting out of compliance with RPLAC by-laws.

The By-Laws Committee Chairman Gary Aminoff refused to provide written information or documentation of complaints against me and the BCR board or the club.

AD-66 Central Committee Chairwoman Webb also failed to inform a member of the AD-66, BCR Vice-President Omar Navarro, about the change in location of the November 21 AD Central Committee meeting. I have filed at least two complaints about this matter, and the By-Laws committee refused to do anything about. There are further allegations that Omar Navarro was not permitted to enter the December 10, 2016 reorganization meeting.

We the Board of BCR find that RPLAC has actually been in violation of its own by-laws against its own members. Such behavior from county leadership has in fact put the party in a negative light, and has discouraged individual citizens from participating more actively.

We find it further very offensive that you have sent an email--poorly worded with spelling errors and a lack of signature and date--to only one member of the BCR Board when three other members should have been informed of this By-Laws Committee meeting.

The actions of RPLAC Leadership are discriminatory and abhorrent.

Furthermore, for the By-Laws Committee to refuse to hold a hearing and permit members of the BCR board -- in a designated location -- is suspect and also a violation of RPLAC By-Laws. Other members of the Beach Cities Republicans have every right to hear and respond to allegations against them, however unfounded and just those allegations may be

We will be filing further complaints to the state leadership of the CA GOP as well.

We demand a location where a member of the BCR Board can attend and directly face the accusers and accusations against them.

Please respond by Monday, January 10, 5:00pm


The Beach Cities Republicans Board

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