Friday, January 20, 2017

Milo Misses It: Ted Cruz is Not "Establishment"

This is one of the most tired refrains I hear.

If the Presidential candidate was not named "Donald Trump", he was automatically a member of the "Establishment."

Milo Yiannopoulos wrote himself a "Thank You Letter".

That's kind of disturbing in itself. "Thank You" letters should come from admirers who are not oneself.

Milo (Credit: Kmeron)

But humor is a wonderful tonic, and conservatives need to have fun.

Besides, self-congratulations of the "Told Ya So!" variety are in order when you rightfully predict that Donald Trump would be the  next President, and especially when you supported him from the get-go.

I recognized that Donald Trump would win, too, by caring blue Rust Belt states which had not gone Republican in the past thirty years.

Another article pointed out the ongoing--albeit moot--divide among conservatives across the country.

One of Milo's comments about the opponents Trump defeated to win did not sit as well with me.

One of the remarkable things about Donald Trump is that he didn’t just beat the progressive establishment — he also beat the conservative establishment. Two political tribes that dominated Washington for half a century were defeated in the space of one election campaign. All the darlings of the conservative establishment — Jeb, Rubio, Ted, and (most hilariously) Evan McMullin were all crushed beneath the wheels of the Trump Train.

Progressive and establishment" do not really go hand-in-hand. Hillary Clinton defined the Democratic Party's establishment: cronyism, corruption, and Depends undergartments.

The progressive Leftist flank ready to undermine what's left of the Democratic Party have actively ridiculed the pay-for-play schemes which define the DNC, Cheating and lying have become the norm in Democratic politics, too, with nothing more to show for it but ... a devastated bench with no real prospects for the future.

For the first time in decades, Republicans have a real policy agenda before them. How true it is that no one should let a crisis go to waste.

But back to where Milo missed it.

Ted Cruz is by no means "Establishment."

He defeated the political establishment in Texas when he ran for US Senate in 2012. He was one of few new Republicans elected that year, even though Republicans essentially fouled up their chances to win the upper chamber.

Cruz has never tried to get along with other US Senators. He directly faulted Democratic lawmakers, and put them to shame when questions from other liberal Democrats was intended to malign witnesses during US Senate committee testimony.

The former Solicitor General for the state of Texas freuently debated and argued with the Democratic leadership as well as his fellow Republicans, whatever it would take to impress on everyone their need to fight for working Americans, crushed by Obama's rules, regulations, and executive lawlessness.

Cruz man has irritated his fellow conservatives in ways which most elected officials would never dream of doing.

He called Mitch McConnell "a liar" to his face about the TPP.

He hammered the Big Business donor base during one floor speech, which wants to push away the cultural issues which motivate Middle American voters to step out and vote. He voted against amnesty, He rejected cronyism. He was willing to take numerous stands against key issues, and joined with fellow Senators to filibuster appointments to the Executive Cabinet without clear answers on key issues.

John McCain also called him a "whacko bird."

Milo, I have to tell you. I'm not sure how Ted Cruz falls into the "establishment" category. Would you care to explain why you and other more populist news sites insist on that inconsistent meme against Ted Cruz?

Yes, the junior US Senator from Texas was not pro-Trump, since their campaign came to a boiling, beating frenzy up to early May. The slurs and the mud-slinging got personal and distasteful.

He had concerned the base regarding his initial support for TPP, and then his backing away from the issue. A lot of Republicans in in Washington, even the most staunchly conservative, never provided a clear plan which resonated with industrial workers and Rust Belt Reagan Democrats.

Those voters turned the tide during the primaries and into the general election. I must admit, Ted Cruz would probably not have won Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin in the general election against Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind, the last primary which he did win, Wisconsin, went his way because of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his state wide panache with other voters.

Ted Cruz is not an Establishment shill. The very concept of "conservative establishment" does not even make sense, since Jeb Bush was soft on a number of issues, at least based on his Presidential campaign rhetoric. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were fighting with each other for the biggest piece of Big Business and pro-amnesty donors. The lack of standing to promote American needs and stand on clear-cut values slipped out to the public one too many times.

Jeb and Marco wanted to be nice and appeal to others. Cruz did not have that problem at all

Sorry, Milo, but on this one "Ted Cruz the 'conservative' Establishment' type, you completely missed it.

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