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November 21, 2016 AD-66 Central Committee Meeting Illegally Moved At Last Minute: What Happened?

At the January 19, 2017 Beach Cities Republicans meeting, First Vice-President Omar Navarro reminded the club that the Central Committee shut him out and changed locations of the meeting without telling him.

I can now tell him and everyone else what happened at the meeting that night.

November 21, 2016

I expected to attend a meeting of the AD-66 at David Hadley’s old campaign office.

I intended to come in late, because I was working on something else at the time.

I wanted to speak with the Chairwoman Janice Webb, because she had been undermining me and the efforts of the Beach Cities Republicans.

She tried to get one of our meetings canceled. She even called my work to pressure my boss to cancel the meeting.

Very bad, and illegal.

So, the meeting was set to start at 7:00pm

And yet … when two of the members of the Central Committee arrived, the meeting was not there.

It had been moved at the last minute.


I went to the building myself, and no one was there.

I have received information to confirm what was going on.

The Committee Chairwoman, Janice Webb, moved the meeting at the last minute—actually, about 45 minutes before the meeting was to begin.

They met at the Kiwanis Hall in Hermosa Beach.

Four other people were there:

Gary Aminoff

Maureen Johnson

Jason Maruca

Andy Gharakani

What was going on? Why were these individuals there?

Why were these RPLAC individuals holding a secret meeting, and withholding the location from other members of the Central Committee?

What were they talking about?

They violated RPLAC By-Laws.

Here are the specific by-laws which Webb had violated:

RPLAC By-Laws, Article XIV, Section 6. Meetings of District Committees.

a. The District Committee may be convened at any time upon the call of the Chairman
or upon the written call signed by not less than six (6) Regular Members and/or Ex-Officio
members or a majority, whichever is the lesser, of the Senatorial or Congressional District
Committee and not less than four (4) Regular Members and/or Ex-Officio Members of an
Assembly District Committee. It shall be the duty of the Chairman to preside at such meetings,
and he shall be entitled to vote on all business. Notice of meetings called by the Chairman shall
be given by the Secretary to each Regular Member, Alternate Member and Ex-Officio Member
of the Committee as provided for in this Section.

Janice Webb: Playing Hide-n-Seek
with her Central Committee Members?

When meetings are called by Regular Members and/or Ex-Officio Members of the
Committee, at least five (5) days notice in writing shall be given in advance of such meetings to
every Regular Member and Ex-Officio Member not joining in the call, and such notice shall likewise state the purpose for which the meeting is being called. Notices of time and place of all
meetings of the District Committee shall be sent to the Chairman and Secretary of the County
Committee. Minutes from all District Committee meetings shall be forwarded to the Secretary
of the County Committee within ten (10) days of such meeting. In the event the minutes are
amended or corrected at a subsequent meeting, such amended or corrected minutes should be
sent to the Secretary of the County Committee within ten (10) days of such correction or

b. Frequency of meetings. The Assembly District Committees shall meet, preferably
monthly but at a minimum, quarterly, and such meetings shall be called by written notice as

specified in Section 6.a. of this Article.

They were doing things in secret.

They are preventing other members of the party from knowing what is going on.


No wonder things are out of sorts in Los Angeles County.

What is going on with these people?

And why those individuals there?

I have been sending email after email to the leadership team.

No answers.

What were they discussing?

One source informs me that they were frustrated with the situation between the Central Committee and the Beach Cities Republicans.

Another source was pretty emphatic—they just complained about me and wanted to find some way to remove me. BUT WHY?

They were complaining about me.

Andy Gharakani, otherwise known as Mr. New Majority (HA!) called me and other conservatives "crazies."

This what is has been going with the Republican "leadership" in the Los Angeles County GOP Central Committee.

Mark Vafiades was the President of the California Congress of Republicans. They are a liberal group and want to remove key parts of the CA GOP platform.

Maureen Johnson holds liberal views. She had told me emphatically that she does not care if a man wants to marry a horse or another man. She bragged about all the "gay" friends she has, and she also believes that an abortion should be "between a woman and God."

Rudy Guiliani held those views in 2008--and he tanked in the primary. Pro-Choice is not really about choice, and pro-life forces are actually more vocal than ever--and effective.

Sorry, but the slow and steady abandonment of the Republican Party platform is teh problem, not the solultion for saving our state.

I was so disgusted to learn that they had conspired together to push me out of the Presidency by threatening to suspend the Beach Cities Republicans Charter.

Gary Aven was at the meeting, and even admitted to the group that he had decided not to attend the November meeting to vote for the next President. Why? Because he had known that Jason Maruca was going to send me an email to force me to step down by threatening the club members.

They were all aware of this?!

Why all this secrecy?

This is crazy!

This cloak-and-dagger garbage is a larger part of the reason why concerned conservatives in Los Angeles County have been turned off by all the nonsense consuming Republicans and sabotaging their chances.

This is worse than infighting. This is corruption.

Gary Aminoff remarked sadly that as much as they had tried to get rid of me, I had won 3/4 of the votes in the club. Our club is growing, actively and effectively.

We had a number of volunteers working on  local campaigns.

And this is the thanks that The Beach Cities Republicans was getting in return.

Shame on them!

Because of this by-laws violation, I filed a number of complaints - and nothing was done.

Now you can see why. Gary Aminoff was the By-Laws Committee Chairman at the time, and he was involved in the very violation that took place!

By-Laws Violation? What By-Laws Violation?

I cannot believe how much betrayal had taken place behind my back and against the Beach Cities Republicans!

All of this must stop!

RINO-PLAC leaders who aided and abetted this nonsense have to be held accountable!

Mark Vafiades:(818) 558-7600
Gary Aminoff: (310) 387-6900
Maureen Johnson:
Janice Webb: (310) 493-2456;
Jason Marcua, Executive Director: (818) 783-4308,

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