Thursday, January 5, 2017

Texas Governor's Press Secretary Reached Out to Me About MyTownhall Article!

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has announced that he will sign legislation banning sanctuary cities and cutting funding to any municipality which harbors illegal aliens and refuses to comply with federal law--and refuses to comply with federal authorities.

I applaud the governor's decision.

I had believed that he was hesitant or resistant to signing the legislation, and he directed two state senators in the Texas legislature to help kill the bill. Two sources have since contacted me that Governor Abbott has been on board to stop sanctuary cities in the state of California.

Great news!

I then received this email form John Wittman:

I saw your article on Sanctuary Cities and noticed it mentioned Governor Abbott:

“It’s about time that this country cared about its countrymen. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has declared his full intention to sign all legislation that will defund sanctuary cities. He should have signed a similar bill, but better late than never.”

I wanted to point out that Greg Abbott has only been Governor for one legislative session and last session, the sanctuary city bill did not make it to his desk. I was hoping you would be willing to update your article based on that.

Let me know if you have any questions and appreciate you drawing attention to such an important issue.


John Wittman
Press Secretary
Office Of The Governor
(o) 512-936-3374

(m) 512-774-7456

I can report that Mr. Wittman was very polite to me and clarified an issue.

Texas is unique among other states compared to other legislatures.

Texas lawmakers meet for one session every two years. That's what I call a "part-time" legislature.  A number of bills were filed to end sanctuary city policies and ensure enforcement of the United States' immigration laws.

But two Republicans joined with Democrats in the state senate to prevent the passage of a specific bill banning sanctuary cities. 

So, during the previous session, the bill never came to his desk, so there was know way for Abbott to sign it. 

Fair enough.

I understand the frustration of one critic about the slow process on this. Governor Abbott could have called a special session to make getting that bill passed a top priority.

But two sources believe that if the ban had arrived on Governor Abbott's desk during the last session, he would have signed it.

Wittman has assured me that the Governor of the great state of Texas is on board to ban and defund sanctuary cities.

And I can't wait!

It's exciting to know that the Governor of Texas and his staff are taking an interest in what I'm writing, too!

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