Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Vulgar Photos from the LA Women's March

Last Saturaday, angry women and men claimed that they were stepping out in solidarity with the women of America and around the world.

Donald Trump is a threat to all women, the entire country, and all of mankind.

There I was in the middle of the LA Women's, right there in Downtown Los Angeles.

The weather was chilly, but the crowds were swelling nonetheless. It was terrible. Even the intended public parking was closed up or filled up.

Still, I took lots of pictures as I stood in the midst of the crowds filling up Springs Street and the surrounding areas.

Check out how positive and affirming the posters and protesters turned out to be:

 Can someone please explain what the above sign means?

One has to wonder how women's rights and dignity is empowered when surrounded by pictures of female bodies objectified for political purposes.

And yet the Left in this country has become completely intolerance, incapable of listening to a different point of view, while seeking at all costs to shut down everyone who disagrees with them.

These women claim the "art is power" mantra, and yet there is nothing artistic about their poster. It's hardly original.

Equality for who? In what way?

 Sperm is cheap? Thought is free. Trying thinking for a change.

Oh, no way--this is totally NOT objectifying women.

Give me a break.

The secular, anti-Christ, anti-Western Values, anti-truth political cult which has overtaken the Democratic Party has turned its most ardent supporters ins walking, mocking self-contradictions. Do these people even consider what is coming out of their mouths? Do they have any self respect?

Women who parade dressed up like private parts, who make the claim that they want to fight for women's rights, even though they are undermining any sense of dignity and self-respect, should concern not just women in general, but the previous feminists who fight for women's freedoms and responsibilities.

The LA Women's March was an ironic shame, full of vulgar posters and petty slights against President Trump. It was actually one of the most anti-feminist demonstrations by purported feminists I have ever seen.

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  1. What nobody mentioned about the Washington protest were the number of men participating. Were these men just trying to pick up chicks? I have heard that there is a problem with men having too high a level of testosterone at least according to snowflakes in such places as Duke Univ. When I took ethics in college there was the theory that if it feels good do it even if it hurts someone else because your gratification should be your #1 goal in life. Now it seems instead of gratification that stupidity has become the #1 goal for so many pathetic fools/tools. I may have this wrong because I only got a B in the class because I thought it was all a bunch of BS. The best ethics still comes from the Bible "treat others like you want them to treat you". I guess that assumes you aren't a sado-masochist or a left wing loon (assuming there is a difference).