Sunday, January 1, 2017

More Reasons for a Happy New Year: Big Labor Thugs Cutting Back

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the imminent bankruptcy of the Service Employees International Union ... in Texas.

I wish the California branch was going bust, too, but that did not happen.

Or is the head of the serpent about to go bust, too?

CBS/Bloomberg news reported the following drastic finanical blow hitting the Purple Taxpayer Eating Machine:

The Service Employees International Union, perhaps the single most politically powerful labor union in the country, is drastically cutting its budget in the wake of president-elect Donald Trump’s election victory.

Great news! To see the demise of public sector unions, that was my biggest reason for supporting Scot Walker for President first.

If Donald Trump can deliver the same results, and right away, I will be more than happy with is Presidency. There is no other interest group that I know of which enables illegal immigration and the amnesty agenda more than labor unions.

Stop Big Labor, build the big, beautiful wall, and watch We the People take back our government.

Mary Kay Henry 

According to an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek, SEIU president Mary Kay Henry said the union must “plan for a 30% reduction” in its budget by the start of 2018. That number includes a 10 percent budget cut by the start of 2017.

Ouch! The labor unions are running out of money--our money!

It's about time, that's what I say!

The massive SEIU currently has an annual budget of $300 million. It is America’s second largest union, and represents nearly 2 million workers in the public and private sector.

At least the larger media conglomerates are reporting something about the blowblack from We the People against the wasteful, profligate labor unions. Are they starting to realize that if they want to be treated seriously, they need to report the truth rather than cheer-lead for the Left?

According to Henry, the cuts are a direct result of Mr. Trump’s victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in November’s election, along with the GOP’s continued control of Congress. With Mr. Trump and his Senate Republican allies poised to nominate dozens of judges, including a new Supreme Court justice, the SEIU fears its ability to collect dues from members will soon be significantly curtailed. 

You bet it will!

No question about it. The biggest reason I was so crushed about the death of Justice Scalia, aside from the fact that  he was one of the wisest as well as most outspoken jurists on the Supreme Court, is that his death would delay a welcome ruling for Friedrichs v. California. The teacher from South Orange County was taking the lead on ending forced union dues against individual employees, arguing that such takings violated the First Amendment.

Point of fact, it does. A new Justice and a new opportunity to stop extortion against American workers.

The SEIU recently spearheaded the “Fight for $15” movement that organized workers behind a higher minimum wage. Numerous Democratic lawmakers endorsed the proposal for a $15 minimum wage, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential primary runner-up. The SEIU backed Clinton in the primary.

What they really endorsed was a policy to put more people out of work, to force businesses to close and/or force consumers to spend more money to buy the same products. I visited a new grocery store in South Gate, and there are now fewer employees because of the high labor costs. The whole store model runs on hiring fewer employees.

Among the biggest worries for the SEIU and other labor unions is the possibility that Republican judicial appointees will expand “Right to Work” laws nationwide, which would prohibit unions in both the public and private sector from demanding their members pay dues.

Even if the courts do not expand right to work, the states already are! Kentucky, Missouri, and New Hampshire are GOP trifectas, and right-to-work is at the top of their list.

“Right to Work” laws have already proven to be a serious blow to labor union’s ability to flex political muscle in states like Wisconsin and Michigan, two longtime Democratic bastions that voted for Mr. Trump last month.

That is exactly what I have been talking about! Exactly!

“Because the far right will control all three branches of the federal government, we will face serious threats to the ability of working people to join together in unions,” Henry, the SEIU president, wrote in the internal memo.

Isn't it great! Scott Walker deserves the bulk of the credit, since he invited the international hordes of Big Labor into his state, and beat them down three times in four years. His victories ensured that more states would enact labor reforms, to make consumers and taxpayers the leading force in their state and cities.

“These threats require us to make tough decisions that allow us to resist these attacks and to fight forward despite dramatically reduced resources.”

How about just shutting down entirely?

Final Reflection

Labor unions are learning that their free ride on other people's money is coming to a dramatic, necessary, and yet late end.

These reforms could have happened ten or twenty years ago. Perhaps Republicans starting paying attention as soon as Barack Obama was elected, and Congress was toying with passage of card-check, which would have removed federal oversight over labor elections, then shut down individual employee opposition to a collective bargaining unit.

Obama's arrogance and overreach ensured that Republicans would sweep state legislatures across the country. Then the Right-to-Work Movement pounced to enact necessary reforms. Wisconsin was the first major battleground. What an exciting time for conservatives it turned out to be.

Check out the Wisconsin State Senate maneuvering here:

Then the Wisconsin State Assembly here:

It's important to note how desperate the union-bought Democrats were, and how they through temper tantrums like little children who did not get their way.

This kind of rioting within the state legislature was a point of distinct concern for other states who wanted to avoid the harangue within and the protests without.

Look what happened in Indiana when right-to-work passed in 2011:

Here's what happened on the Indiana House Floor:

Check out what happened in Michigan, too:

States are taking on the labor unions.

And now the national unions are cutting back!

This is looking good for everyone!

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