Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Don't March for Me!!! by Susan Rowe (Conservative Reaction to WomensMarch LA, DC, etc)

Today, printed my article critiquing the LA Women's March which had gathered in Pershing Square, Los Angeles on January 21.

The site of women debasing themselves with frequent vulgar references to private parts and anti-authoritarianism ironically undermined the work of feminists before them, women who fought so that women would step out be responsible people, no longer have to ask permission for basic opportunities. 

Women fought for the vote.

Women fought for the right to participate in the workforce.

In effect, women fought for their natural rights to be recognized.

They did not fight to stop being women.

They did not fight to dishonor men.

Yet today, the Third Wave Feminism which has become all too vogue, attacking men and justifying women who refuse to take care of themselves or responsibility for their lives.

Then I received this lovely poem by email from Mrs. Susan Rowe of Tennessee.

I was so pleased to receive it, and now I am sharing it with all of you!

Penned by the heart of Susan Rowe

Don’t march for me…
I am not a nasty woman; I feel no need to show power over men.  I feel no need to wear my most precious body part on my head, the very body part that graced me with boys who respect women for their compassions not obsessions. 

Don’t march for me…
My breasts are not for the public to see; only reserved for the feeding of babies and the sanctity of my marriage.

Don’t march for me…
I don’t want nor need your help.   I am dependent on my husband as he is dependent on me.  We are a unit and don’t function without the other, that is equality!   I know my strengths as does he, with those strengths, we make a complete family.

Don’t march for me…
I don’t answer to you as you don’t answer to me.  Live your life as you wish, but I will answer only to God for my morality.

Don’t march for me…
I don’t need profanity to communicate my thoughts, only pen and paper.    I don’t need signs and rallies to feel the woman spirit.  You see, I have a strong family that loves opinionated me for me.  I have a protective dad and an honest mother.  I have a niece who despite abuse is single handily raising a beautiful daughter.   I have a faithful sister-in-law, who is there in my times of comfort and need.  Most of all, I have a wonderful husband who would give his life for me.

Don’t march for me…
I cherish unborn life, my marriage, my God, my freedom, my love for my country, and my protectors in the military.  You see, I have my rights, not because I am a middle –aged white woman, but because I have courage, strength and the belief that I can do anything with the help of God, family, friends and yes even MEN. 


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