Monday, January 23, 2017

Liberal Former Clinton Administration Acolyte: "The Democratic Party is on Life Support"

It's time for tough love for the (Anti)Democratic Party.

They have lost an election which DNC leaders rigged to ensure that their prized queen would win, first through engineering her victory in the primary against Weekend at Bernie's, then through media frauds and collusion during the General Election.

And Democrats still lost.

Crooked Hillary actually believe that she could lie, cheat, and steal her way through this election, just as Barack Obama had demagogued key issues to shame conservative opponents into silence in the two previous elections.

The Democratic Party has been overrun by communists, socialists, thugs, public sector union cronies, and outright anti-patriotic hatemongers. The former mantra of playing to minorities and social grievances has not worked.

Their embrace of climate alarmism has turned off millions of voters, particularly in rural areas. Once Democratic strongholds have become rapidly Republican, embracing core pro-family values as well as attention to fiscal probity and responsibility.

The Democratic Party is now stuck in the past, with no chance of moving forward. People living in this country now, and those who lived in North America before this nation was born, have experimented with the closed model of oppressive government which stifles innovation and limits liberty.

Robert Reich (Credit: Danorton)
Now the Democratic Party is heading into another political wilderness, from which the leaders have no interest in listening or learning from their mistakes.

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton and current pseudo-intellectual for, is trying to wake up and save the Democratic Party:

The ongoing contest between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wings of the Democratic Party continues to divide Democrats.

This fight is going from bad to worse, no doubt about it.

Reich then declares some sobering news for Democrats (but great news for the rest of us):

The [Democratic] Party is on life support. 

No kidding!

Reich listed the reasons:

1. Democrats are in the minority in both the House and Senate, with no end in sight. 

Democrats are going to face a horrendous Senate map in 2018. In at last five of the 23 seats they have to defend, both Republican Presidential candidates carried those states. In three more. Trump won, and Republicans are dominating at the state level in the legislature as well as the governors' mansion.

The Democratic Party is not going to pick up enough House seats to win back the lower chamber, either. The districts have either been safely drawn to protect (Republican) incumbents, and states with Republican dominance are actually prospering or growing.

Besides, non-Presidential election years are better for Republicans, since they have the larger share of likely voters. And Donald Trump is waging unprecedented successes already.

2. Democrats lost 1,034 state and federal seats. They hold only 17 governorships, and face 32 state legislatures fully under GOP control. 

OUCH! Just let those numbers sink in. Republicans have had their troubles, during the 1930's and shortly after the Watergate Scandal. Both times, however, Republicans bounced back.

3. No one speaks for the party as a whole. 

What does the Democratic Party stand for? More socialism? Bigger government? Anarchism? Tolerance for international and domestic terrorist groups? Rampant corruption?

4. The Party’s top leaders are aging, and the back bench is thin.

They current Senate Minority and House minority leaders are continuing to embrace the very policies which have ensured Democratic minorities for years to come. Arrogance, elitist, out of touch, in bondage to wealthy donors in remote coastal enclaves with no understanding of what every day Americans are enduring.

What's worse for Reich, though, is that he fails to see past the populist mantra to the Constitutional republicanism re-installing itself in Washington DC:

We are now in a populist era. The strongest and most powerful force in American politics is a rejection of the status quo, a repudiation of politics as usual, and a deep and profound distrust of elites, including the current power structure of America.

The problem that Reich and other regressive Democrats are ignoring is that ... socialist policies like the massive redistributionist policies he favors have become ... the status quo.

Young people and their parents are relearning the blessings of liberty. They have experienced eight years of command-control governance, and they do not like it.

It's costly.

It's corrupt.

It's vastly ineffective.

All the hopes and dreams which regressive leftists imparted to Barack Obama are all about to be done away with through the flick of a pen and the use of a phone.

Such is the result of Big Government hubris, now brought low by voters.

Reich continues to diagnose the near-fatal status of the Democratic Party with:

1. Big moneyed interests subsidizing candidates, who in turn reward special interests and their greedy limited goals.

2. The destruction of labor unions, particularly public sector unions. 

In response to these two issues:

The Democratic Party establishment chose the most corrupt, colluding Presidential candidates in modern times. She was a Wall Street puppet from Day One. Further, Democratic policies by their very nature help Big Business to do its dirty deeds, regardless of the hollow mantras of the Democratic Party as "The Working Man's Party."

As for Big Labor, this phalanx represents the perverse and disastrous consequences of big government collectivism. Men and women have been forced to join syndicates and subsidize their left-wing, destructive policies. Cities and now states are going bankrupt as the bills now have to be paid.

The Democratic Power has played the public with their control of the media to spout lies about Republicans and conservatives. Now that the media is crashing and burning, the Democratic Party has nothing left but to consider embracing conservative ideals for a change or go further into irrelevance and decay with a doubling down on socialism.

It's no wonder, then, the Democratic Party is on life support, and with no viable ideas with respect to God, country, and citizenry, they will end up in the ash heap of history just like the Soviet Union and other communistic regimes around the world.

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