Tuesday, January 24, 2017

James Carville Was Right ... That The Democrats Are Toast, and Trump is Kicking Rump

In 2016, Democratic strategist James Carville (who incidentally enough is married to former Republican operative Mary Matalin) played up whatever political acumen and integrity he claimed to have (nil), and wrote another book called:

"We're Still Right, They're Still Wrong."

Carville was not original enough to write a new title, but merely modified the old one which had published twenty years ago, when Bill Clinton won re-election, in large part because Republicans failed to field a stronger candidate to challenge Bubba.

He also did not write this book--or any of his other books, it seems--by himself.

One has to wonder if Carville has any independent ideas. Does he believe that rehashing the same, tired progressive line is going to make any kind of difference?

That's what he thought. He had hoped to rally the Democratic base with his latest ghost-written tripe.

The progressive base of the Democratic Party, however, felt cheated. They wanted leadership which would fight for them, not the crony interests which have allowed Wall Street to profit at the expense of everyone else. Most day-to-day Democrats are Democrat just out of family tradition. They still care about their guns and their Bibles.

Obama mocked them in private, but pretended to be their champions in private. In spite of her public and private positions, Crooked Hillary never quite managed to hide her disdain for Americans.

Anyway ...

He made startling and pretty accurate points about what would happen to the Democratic Party if Trump was elected.

They would be relegated to a urban cores and a few states.

And that is exactly what has happened.

He was right ... about the Democratic Party's epic losses across the country in 2016. Trump has indeed turned the screws on Barack Obama's destructive agenda, and there's no looking back at this point.

If anyone wants a window into the abject and failing hubris of the Democratic Party, look no further than James Carville. This man is living in the Bill Clinton glory days. He forgets that Clinton had success only because of the Republican legislature which pushed back against socialized medicine and his corrupt, perverse behaviors as a person as well as former President.

Carville's book, printed in mid-2016, bellows the same lies that the Democratic Party has all the right answers, but simply struggles to explain them. The truth is, after eight years of Democratic progressive policies, the American people want something else. They don't want socialism. They don't want systemic, government induced poverty and economic stagnation. They don't want to see their culture and liberties ripped apart, or Main Street turning into another isolated thoroughfare of a University town.

How about letting people be free to live their own lives, free from the petty dictates of arrogant Ivy League professors masquerading as leaders? Wouldn't that be nice?

Throughout his book, Carville relies on specious arguments and spurious correlations, unable to look at other causes because he is determined to prove that Democrats have always been right, and Republicans are always, always wrong. The extremism and monomaniacal fatalism of Carville's further demonstrates how out of touch he has become.

How much the Democratic Party has detached from reality, and from the basic needs of Middle America.


Let's not forget that Carville once declared that Democrats would rule for the next 40 more years. That book was published in 2009, and in 2010, Democrats lost all their gains in the House, and seven seats in the United States Senate.

In 2014, Democrats lost control of both chambers, and in 2016, Democrats have lost control of the entire federal government, along with complete loss of 25 statehouses, and face nothing but split chances in the rest of the country. They even lost Kentucky's house for the first time in a century.

Carville was right about Democrats' prospective chances. Their arrogance reached such a feverish pitch, it's not surprise that they got wiped out the way they did. Such overweening pride gets dashed every time, and the Democratic Party (with James Carville as cheerleader) has hit rock bottom.

Today, Trump is kicking rump, and there's nothing that Carville can do about it.

Forty more years? Nope.

They're still right? NOPE!

Destructive, communistic policies have hurt everyone in this country, and in states were true leadership has fought to shape the culture, Republicans are gaining ground once again.

Suck is up, buttercups! Mr. Carville, you're fired!

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