Monday, January 23, 2017

National Right to Work Foundation Announces "A New Era of Worker Freedom"

The National Right to Work Foundation is lining up a series of incredible successes.

Since 2011, when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed off on sweeping collective bargaining reforms, and Indiana's decision to enact right-to-work, labor unions have been taking body blows year after year.

The funnel of easy money taken from working men and women to fund causes which hurt the workers they claim to represent--that river of money is drying up.

For the first time in 30 years, the Republican Presidential candidate won the Rust Belt, including Wisconsin and Michigan, as well as Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Much of this was due to the heavy battering that Labor unions have taken over the last eight years.

It's about time.

And with Right-to-work set to pass in at least three more states in this year alone, it looks as is forced unionism is all but dead.

Remember: Ronald Reagan was a union guy from the 1950's as President of the Screen Actors Guild. He would later champion the pro-American rah-rah of private sector unions, too, even though trade deals were fraught with problems for American workers.

Today, Donald Trump is standing on the shoulders of Republican giants throughout the country who stood up to corrupt labor union bosses and their anti-Constitutional actions.

Here is the latest eblast I received from the National Right to Work Foundation:

Dear Arthur,

Big Labor suffered a huge setback in November, when millions of rank-and-file workers refused to support the union bosses' handpicked candidates.

How about that? Remember when Crooked Hillary was lamenting to major labor bosses who she should be 50 points ahead? Talk about strident and desperate!

For eight long years, Barack Obama repaid his Big Labor benefactors by packing the courts and bureaucracies with forced-dues partisans who expanded union-boss power over workers.

Now, a new President is in the White House, and new appointees will be able to reverse that damage.

Reverse the damage, yes, and chart a new course where the voter franchise of individual citizens is no longer under attack from collective bargaining units buying politicians and bribing them to vote in the best interests of limited special interests.

That works for me.

After Donald Trump was elected, National Right to Work Foundation researchers immediately started to vet potential nominees to key judicial and administrative appointments -- including the U.S. Supreme Court.

In fact, just days after the election, the transition team and others on Capitol Hill began requesting our research on potential appointees.

Excellent! Strong interest groups fighting for the rights of all citizens understand that their work does not end after an election.

Right-to-work states, including Kentucky

Let me remind you what's at stake.

As you may recall, last year the United States Supreme Court appeared set to rule in the Friedrichs case that forcing civil servants to pay union dues or "fees" as a condition of employment violates the First Amendment.

That changed after Justice Antonin Scalia's sudden death.

Rebecca Friedrichs has become a star because she stood up to the corrupt and oppressive California Teachers Association. California Republicans and activists throughout the state have tried as hard as they can to upend the union rules which allow syndicates to run Sacramento.

The rigging of California's elections has to cease, and the power of the purse has been snatched from the law-abiding citizens who pay all the bills.

At this point, California needs federal intervention, and a good Supreme Court decision upholding out First Amendment rights is exactly what we need.

But now, if a new Supreme Court Justice akin to Antonin Scalia takes his seat on the Court, victory in a follow-up Foundation lawsuit cutting off BILLIONS of forced-dues dollars paid by public employees is once again within our grasp.

Meanwhile, with your support, the National Right to Work Foundation can unleash new lawsuits and agency charges to repeal the Obama Administration's giveaways to Big Labor and win landmark new protections for working men and women across the country.


Of course, this is no time for us to become complacent.

We must stay vigilant against union-boss schemes to protect their forced-unionism power, such as their nationwide legal assaults against state Right to Work laws.

Thank you for your continued support as we enter this new window of opportunity to achieve historic victories against forced unionism.


Mark Mix
President, National Right To Work Foundation

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