Monday, January 30, 2017

Hermosa Beach Councilman at LAX Among Lawless Protesters--Why?

Hermosa Beach is a rich, vibrant city. Lots of color, a busy nightlife, a relatively low crime rate. But the city's basic infrastructure is falling through the cracks. The sewer system is a mess. The fire department doesn't have its own building. There are severe pension liabilities, too.

Instead of dealing with the potholes in Hermosa Beach streets or stopping the Big Green Agenda overtaking Hermosa and the taxpayers ...

Hany Fangary

Hermosa Beach City Councilman Hany Fangary was offering his language skills as a translator for green card arrivals stuck in limbo:

I think that local officials in cash-strapped cities should spend more time helping their city residents rather than going into such intensely political clashes like the one above.

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