Friday, January 27, 2017

RINO-PLAC Fail: Call for Volunteers, AFTER Revoking Charter for Largest Volunteer GOP Club in LA County!

More bumbling from RINO-PLAC leadership.

They announce that the Beach Cities Republicans is no longer a Republican club

Uh ... no!

They rushed through hasty and arbitrary  charges against us, when previous BCR Presidents had violated the same by-laws and nothing was done to them.

They had non-Republicans speaking at their clubs, and the RPLAC leadership never bothered to say anything.

Mark Vafiades then explained and unexplained that I could or could not allow non-Republicans to speak at the club but that I could not lend support to them

But before that, Jason Maruca, the over-paid executive director of the RPLAC had told me that I could personally endorsed non-Republicans, but could not endorse them in my capacity as President of the Beach Cities Republicans.

Are you confused? I know that I am.

The Central Committee Chairwoman Janice Webb was trying to get rid of me as far back as August. Why wasn't she raising money and registering more Republicans instead?


Have these people forgotten why they are in a central committee in the first place?

So, the Beach Cities Republicans is a succesful club with a growing membership and great guests.

And RPLAC's response? Revocation of our charter.

The this eblast was released to the public:

And here's the entire text of the eblast:

From: Republican Party of Los Angeles County [] On Behalf Of Republican Party of Los Angeles County
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2017 9:58 AM
To: ----------------------
Subject: Volunteers Needed - Support your Local Republican

You don't want to miss this.




Local government has the most impact on our daily lives. Do you want representatives who will ensure public safety? Run balanced budgets? Advocate for a growing local economy? YES!
But our Republican candidates cannot get elected on their own, they need our help!
There are different ways that you can assist Republican candidates in your area now. Choose one of the options below to get involved today!

Connect with us
The Republican Party of Los Angeles County | Paid for by the Republican Party of Los Angeles County. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.16133 Ventura Blvd, Suite 560Encino, CA 91436

They need volunteers, right?

The Beach Cities Republicans served as a huge repository of volunteers.

But they just pushed aside and said "We don't need you or want you!"

Well. well. well.


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