Sunday, January 8, 2017

Evan McMullin, the Anti-Trump Race-Baiter

Evan McMullin issued the following attacks against Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole last year (just before the New Year):

Mr. Paladino made so harsh and unecesary comments. They were poorly framed and should not have been said. Serving in the Trump campaign's New York State region, Paladino apologized. Does his behavior reflect on every Republican? Of course not.

Yet McMullin espouses collective guilt to the words of one man at one time. Then came this tweet from McMullin:
This has to be one of the most bigoted remarks I have ever read.

The Republican Party was formed to stop slavery. Black voters vote Republican in large numbers for decades. The progress which freedmen enjoyed after the Civil War was due in greater measure to the efforts of Republican lawmakers.

Evan McMullin:
Shameless Anti-Trump race-baiter

Republicans have been the party of civil rights since its inception in 1854.

Republicans also helped passed the Civil Rights Acts of the mid-1960s.

Republicans have a diverse, incredible group of leaders and candidates.

Of course, this attack comes up from time to time:

This is false, and the argument is misleading. 13% of black voters supported Trump. Trump also got 29% of the Hispanic vote, more than Romney. Furthermore, they reason why so many black voters are voting Democrat now has a lot to do with the massive expansion of the welfare state under FDR and then LBJ, two racist Democratic Presidents who targeted blacks with government subsidies. The Greaet Society (really, the Great Scam and Enslavement Program) promised government money to families if the mother had children, but there was no father in the home.

The bare subsistence level imposed by government welfare has decimated black communities for generations. Combine this with Democratic machine politics in urban areas, and a vast majority of black voters are voting Democrat. It has nothing to do with racism from Republicans. It's all about the racist intentions of Democratic Party politics, creating an underclass of minority dependents.

Republicans do need to reach out and connect with more voters, and not be afraid to go into heavily Democratic areas to make a difference.

It really is shameful for McMullin to push this "GOP is racist" lie.

After all, Trump made a real impact in Detroit, Michigan:

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