Monday, January 23, 2017

Twitter News Fail: TPP, Jedis, and Voter ID, Oh My!

The left-wing news continue losing whatever relevance they claim to have.

If they cannot destroy Trump, if they cannot stop his onslaught against the regressive liberalism which President Obama had championed, then they try to ignore him altogether.

President Trump is enacting incredible policy changes with the stroke of a pen, and nothing can stop him.

But instead of granting much needed pre-eminence to this massive policy shift, which Bernie Sanders voters also supported, the Twitter news feed wants to focus on ... the next title for the upcoming Star Wars Movie:

Mark Hamill has revealed himself to be an unrepentant leftist.

For a guy who has played a warrior for the force of good and against an Evil Empire, he has certainly taken a turn for the Dark Side.

He supports abortion, and wanted his girlfriend to get an abortion at one time.

He has routinely mocked President Trump, even though his policies are helping the vast majority of the American people.

I imagine that by withdrawing from this dreaded Trans Pacific Partnership, the American movie industry will remain robust and competitive. After all, Asian movie markets are eating up the international audience weekly.

Also, Twitter felt obligated to give us a slight tease about a Supreme Court case, but the implications of it are harrowing. The Voter ID law passed in Texas will remain struck down for now.

This is terrible. Voter ID opponents are arrogant elitists, much like Mark Hamill, who has advertised himself as a champion for the people. The same lie has emboldened Democrats and regressive liberals, who claim that Voter ID is a racist ploy to suppress the vote. The truth is that voter fraud suppressed the vote of law-abiding citizens, and must be challenged.

Simple as that.

I guess the Twitter News feed is an indictment of sorts against our culture.

They are more interested in knowing what will be the name of the next Star Wars movie, rather than the names of their elected representatives or the laws they are passing, which affect our daily lives.

Men and women should pay more attention to PResident TRump, who is doing more to fight the Evil Empire of death, destruction, and the Democratic Party than anyone on the silver screen in some fictional battle, even if its in galaxies far, far away.

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