Thursday, January 12, 2017

La Puente Declares "Sanctuary" for Everyone But ... Legal (White?) Residents

La Puente has lost its mind.

Where is the rule of law? Where is the legal sense?

They have not only declared themselves a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

The city council now claims that they can protect every minority imaginable.

Is this even serious anymore? They have no power, no authority.

One has to wonder if they can even defend the streets of their city.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported an interesting, overtly sympathetic account of this nonsensical city ordinance.

Amid calls from residents and local activists to support all minority groups, not just undocumented immigrants, the City Council unanimously voted to adopt a resolution declaring the city a sanctuary for immigrants, people of color, religious minorities, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.

If I know anything about La Puente, the city has a vastly large Latino population.

I am not sure of their illegal alien population however, but it sounds like a sizeable number of individuals in the city are there illegally.

But still -- this argument about "minorities" ... seriously?

La Puente--All Illegals Welcome

“Whether you are undocumented, whether or you are LGBTQ or Muslim or anything else that people want to put you down for, La Puente welcomes you,” said Workman High School teacher Billie Joe Wright, one of more than 20 people who voiced support for the resolution during the public comment portion of the council’s meeting.

We have public school teachers who are lining up behind this lawlessness.

Why did the city proceed with this ordinance on the same day as the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors? It seems that they were trying to hide this effort to violate federal law.

The resolution, which was presented by Councilman Argudo and several residents, states that city officials will not enforce federal immigration laws or use city resources to apprehend people “whose only violation is or may be a civil violation of immigration law.” It was approved by the council in a 4-0 vote. Councilman Dan Holloway was absent from the meeting.

The arrogance of these city councils is just astonishing and sad. They have no authority to dictate one way or they other whether they comply with federal law or not. If they don't like the laws, then they need to agitate for more leaders. They should slam Barack Obama for doing nothing to solve immigration when he had full control of the federal government for the first two years of this term. He could have gotten pretty much everything he wanted on immigration policy within the first 100 days!

But Obama did nothing. He did not care.

The resolution adopted by the council was one of two brought forward for consideration in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. The other resolution was aimed only at undocumented immigrants and was modeled after the sanctuary city resolution adopted in Cudahy.

Well, well, well. Cudahy is featured as a model city ... of lawlessness.

Wow, won't Chris Garcia be proud!

Many who spoke in favor of what they said was a more inclusive resolution said Trump has made them, their family, friends or students fearful of being deported and that it was important for La Puente, which means ‘the bridge’ in Spanish, to reach out to all communities that were targeted by the President-elect during his campaign.

Trump cannot scare anyone, as he lives in Washington DC and New York. These illegals are scared because they have been violating, flouting federal law, and now they are getting caught. The free ride is over, the lawlessness will cease. We will have the rule of law and order in our country once again.

“Nobody should live in fear, nobody should have to be the brunt of harassment, of hostile attacks,” said Gilda Ochoa, a longtime resident and professor at Pomona College. “We should be a community that thrives together.”

Yes, and a community thrives on laws, and enforcement.

Only two speakers raised concerns about the resolution, with one simply asking if La Puente should adopt the resolution given Trump’s proposal to defund sanctuary cities. West Covina resident Willis Somervell said there are immigration laws on the books that many in the country are breaking.

I'm glad someone was there to speak against the oppressive madness@

“The federal government, they have some responsibility to protect our borders,” Somervell said. “There is some concern that the borders have been somewhat porous and how secure are we.”

Although many speakers brought up Trump’s election as the reason for passing a resolution, saying it was important for the council to declare La Puente a sanctuary city before his inauguration next week, Argudo called on the community to recognize and respect his presidency.

The councilman wants to respect Trump's presidency, but defies federal law? That is ridiculous!

“We need to stand behind him, but he also needs to hear our voice,” the councilman said, adding that they should not forget than millions of people have been deported under President Barack Obama’s administration. “This is not Donald Trump’s issue. This is an issue of the American people.”

Yes, and the American people spoke, and they demand enforcement of our laws.

This is not open for debate!

This policy is inherently discriminatory.

There is no rule of law here.

They are going out of their way to protect minorities.

What about white males, then? What about legal residents, since they are becoming increasingly marginalized?

The whole identity politics mantra is falling apart in the state of California.

And the future of the state is crumbling faster by the minute. What does La Puente plan to accomplish with the rush to sanctuary city status? A little piece of paper has no standing or value in the face of federal power. It's time to enforce our laws, protect the borders, and ensure that all citizens are protected.


  1. How wonderful. As a Mormon fundamentalist family, my husband, my sister-wives, our children, and I will be able to feel welcome.

    1. So sad for the city that I was raised in. What was once a middle class city, has now turned into a nightmare. Talk about reverse discrimination.