Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Claremont College SJWs Could Not Explain to Me Why They Support Sanctuary Cities

These videos will speak for themselves.

I could not believe the liberal and left-wing protesters who supported this sanctuary city policy.

And one after another, they could not explain or justify their reasons.

Check out this old Left-Wing Democrat, and then a college student who followed right after:

He's a grown man, and could not justify or explain why it's OK to abandon the rule of law, but he is allowed to have a door on his house.

The young man after him explained that he supports the sanctuary city policy because he's ... Jewish. I really did not see why his ethnic status had anything to do with his reasoning.

Then check out these statements from this young Beta male.

He was easily offended and got all kinds of angry.

He kept trying to shame me into silence. He made it sound as though I had no right to be in Claremont, unless I actually lived in that city and voted on issues.

Apparently, he doesn't know what the First Amendment is.

He kept getting close to me, refusing to watch his personal space. He was getting angry because he did not like some of the things that I said.

The real reason he was getting angry? He couldn't answer my questions without questioning his own misguided, uninformed views.

Now this exchange was particularly interesting:

The guy above is supposed to be a grown man.

He acted like a startled, angry petulant child.

He then launched into cursing and swearing. It's pretty entertaining one-on-one.

It's dangerous and very discouraging when an entire voting bloc or a horde of SJWs want to intimidate lawmakers.

And then there were those strange exchanges with other SJWs which produced more affirmation that We the People in this country dodged more than a bullet November 8th.

Check out Gustavo:

He thinks that Donald Trump is a racist, and that he called all Mexicans rapists.

He didn't.

Then a Bernie-crat kept going on and on about how Trump is a liar ... with nothing to prove it:

This is what happens when you give a generation trophies just for showing up.

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  1. Isn't it strange how when Trump wants to built a wall the liberals start worrying about the cost? I didn't know you had to live in Claremont to be able to use your right to freedom of speech. I learned so much from watching these videos. Arthur you are a hero for facing these idiots and having the patience to talk with them and show the world how stupid these people are. Claremont is an excellent school but these snowflakes can't think. Probably need a leftie professor to give them a script to read from. Keep up the good work. If they had only known you are trying to stop same-sex marriages in Formosa they would have gone ballistic. LOL Since my whole family are legals immigrants except for my 2 daughters I don't support this illegal way to get in the USA. There are many people waiting in line to get here legally. Is it fair for them to wait years while those who walked illegally past the wall that Gustavo was talking about get to go to the front of the line? When the Trump Admin. with the approval of Congress cut off all federal money to sanctuary cities/universities etc. they will learn what the rule of law is all about. If cities can pick what laws they obey and which ones not to obey then we the people should have that same right.