Saturday, January 7, 2017

Carl DeMaio Gets It: Stop Illegal Immigration

I have not been a big fan of Carl DeMaio.

I don't believe that the California Republican Party should be embracing the LGBT Agenda, and DeMaio is openly gay. He even walked in a gay pride parade in San Diego. Activists on the left and the right booed him.

I understand why Republicans and tea party activists in CD-52 decided to support Peters for clear, strategic reasons. A gay Republican elected to office would affect the national platform or at least further antagonize the grassroots.

Carl DeMaio
The Republican Party needs to stick to life and family, marriage can be nothing more than one man and one woman.

The DeMaio drama from 2014 has passed.

He now hosts a radio program in the San Diego area. His show must have some prominence as well as promise, since he invited three major candidates for US Senate on his program before the primary. One of hte candidates even announced his decision to drop out--Rocky Chavez--on that program.

Other sources have reminded me that DeMaio is conservative on key issues, and should not be dismissed outright. One source was ready to endorsement was ready to endorse him in the 2014 Congressional race, but his decision to support funding of Planned Parenthood prevented the endorsement.

Now I have another reason to hear DeMaio's views. He listed five key issues that an unify the state party and make California Great Again in 2018.

I will focus on one that he mentioned.

From The DeMaio Report:

Illegal Immigration: Yes, you read that issue correctly.  Contrary to what liberal pundits in the media think, California voters do not support the “open border” and Sanctuary City philosophy of the Democrats.  The GOP should proactively pursue a two-track approach on immigration – one to help legal immigrants pursue the American Dream while another track that combats illegal immigration.


Someone in the upper-echelon of California GOP politics is getting it.

We the People of the state of California expect our lawmakers to control the border, not cede to rampant crowing and overrunning of our borders.

Donald Trump's election victory has signaled that it's time to put Americans first in our country, and to stop pandering to liberal, elitist notions which have nothing to do with safeguarding the necessary elements and the best interests of our citizenry.

The United States cannot be the welfare stae and orphanage for the rest of the world, and no one should shame us for that.

I have written before and I will affirm that the California Republican Party is not in trouble because of Prop 187. The state party is in trouble because ... the state is in trouble. The culture is tilting left, and a robust conservative opposition is needed, with a state government which caters to all, and not just welfare recipients, illegal aliens, and public sector unions.

But targeting illegal immigration is a win-win for California Republicans. 

Secure the border (with a wall), E-Verify, welfare reform. triple the California National Guard along the Southern border--and no amnesty. If there is one tweak I would make, I think that his country needs to suspend immigration until our economy recovers and serves American citizens, then streamline the legal immigration process to ensure that this country only gets the best for the country's economic needs.

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