Friday, January 6, 2017

ICYMI: California Democrats Were Falling Apart During Election 2016

The California Democratic Party is not the unified, monolithic whole which the media portrays it to be most of the time.

In fact, the stark and breaking divisions within the Democratic National Committee reveal how corrupt the national organization has become. They colluded with the media to make Hillary Clinton the chosen candidate over Bernie Sanders.

Progressives, the hard-core leftists in the Democratic Party, were cheated many time throughout the whole primary as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC team were pulling strings and tipping their hand to ensure that their hand-picked Hillary would be the nominee and the next President.

San Jose Mercury News published the following write-up in February 2016, during the California Democratic Party Convention:

“Whoever wins in November, it will be a Democrat,” Smith, a Daly City delegate holding two pro-Hillary Clinton signs, told Clark McCartney, a retired teacher from Riverside County. “Not if she’s indicted first,” he barked.

Wrong! President Trump! BAM!

Even as party bigwigs assure the more than 3,000 Democratic activists gathered at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center that the Republican presidential candidates’ “food fight” will virtually guarantee that a Democrat stays in the White House, some of the rank-and-file don’t seem so sure as they watch the Dem-on-Dem spats on the convention floor.

Part of the reason I am looking over this article is to expose how deeply delusional the Democratic Party was across the country. Even though California went deeper for Hillary than Obama had won in 2008 and 2012, it was a hollow victory with no results.


Indeed, with the traditionally decisive Super Tuesday nominating contests just two days away — and Clinton romping to victory in Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic Primary — many convention-goers appear to have more in common with their Republican counterparts than they might want to admit.

There is already discussion in Sacramento about moving California's primary ... again. It should take place earlier in the year. California remains a delegate rich state, and more candidates should be visiting and fighting for delegates here. California keeps getting treated like the old and backward child from the first marriage of a mixed family.

We loom large in the backroom or at the kids' table during Thanksgiving, but no one listens to us or takes us seriously.

This passage was particularly welcome:

They remain hesitant to unite behind their party’s front-runner. They’re anxious about their prospects of winning the White House in November. And they’re more and more bewildered by Donald Trump’s success each passing day.

The Democrats in California did not want Crooked Hillary. Who can blame then,

Notice how Trump was slowly succeeding in the primary process, and how those results were setting liberals on edge. I further recall John Burton acknowledging that Trump win 30% of Bernie voters, because they wanted a populist, anti-Establishment candidate

“His ability to say anything he wants to say and not slip in the polls is utterly amazing,” said Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison, a former Republican who thinks Vice President Joe Biden, the convention’s keynote speaker, would have made the strongest Democratic candidate.

Harrison seemed sure of only one thing: “It’s going to be an ugly election.”

Yes, it was. The dirty tricks from the Hillary Clinton campaign combined with the Wikileaks drops which exposed how corrupt the DNC had become, along with Hillary Clinton's two-faced proposals on just about everything.

Check out what individual delegates had to say about Crooked Hillary:

“I would have a very hard time voting for corruption,” Nadia Nouri, a Sanders supporter from San Jose, said about the prospect of voting for Clinton in November.

Ruth Hull, a delegate from Orange County, said she is thinking about writing in Edward Snowden — who is living in exile in Russia for releasing classified information from the National Security Agency — if Clinton is her party’s nominee.

“You can’t have the insiders ordering the rest of the Democrats how to vote,” Hull said.

How about that?!

Smith, whose signs read “I’ve been waiting since 1789” for a female president, was stunned by how many Sanders backers have been “rude and insulting” to her. “It makes me wonder what kind of Democrats these people are,” she said.

The infighting was fierce and unprecedented. Consider the verbal jousting!

Still, some Democratic delegates in San Jose said they were worried that Trump could actually win the presidency.

Gary Singh, a mechanic from Union City, is concerned that Clinton appeared “so mild” compared to Trump.

She was not mild, she was VILE!

“He will go after the email record. He will hammer her on Wall Street,” said Singh, a Clinton supporter. “And people believe what he says. He makes a lie the truth. I fear that.”

Trump did all of that and more. The emails, Benghazi, the lies, the corruption, the cheating, the open borders -- all of it snowballed against Crooked Hillary.

Check out this video for more California Democratic voters' take on Hillary Clinton:

Here's more:

And more:

Here's a video connecting the Associated Press to an early announce for Hillary Clinton's primary victory ahead of the California primary.

This is the kind of news that  more people needed to know about in California ...

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