Sunday, January 1, 2017

Blue-State Republicans and the Fight They Face

As a Republican in California, I think of myself as a happy warrior. There is nothing wrong with fighting the good fight for your principles, even if you see them getting beaten back and forth from election cycle to election.

Conservatism works, but a fair playing field at every election is a necessity. Right now, California doesn't have a fair playing field for true political conflict.

Labor unions suck up all the money from working Californians to fund their limited, perverse, amoral agenda.

The state government employs too many people, in turn.

The voter system is riddled with corruption and fraud. How many dead people voted in the last election? How many illegal aliens voted? The automatic motor-voter registration has no real safeguards to ensure that illegals are not voting in our elections. There is no Voter ID, either, to protect the franchise which sends elected representatives up to Sacramento every cycle.

And the illegal immigration is beyond horrendous.

The taxes, the spending, the regulations all frustrate commerce and growth. The backbone of any thriving economy is leaving the state. Middle-income earners are investing their time and property elsewhere, too.

But the lawlessness in this state is particularly overwhelming. Corruption is becoming a sad yet staid norm in the state of California, too.

How can anyone compete with labor unions, illegal alien, and the welfare queens on top of that--the people who vote for a living, and who get subsidized by those who work for a living?

So, what do Blue State Republicans also face?

The infighting.

Should we become a little more liberal? Should we stick to our values?

Human nature leans toward accommodation, not confrontation.

But without confrontation, we will have nothing but Republicans blue in the face.

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