Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hell Freezes Over: Bitter Partisan Enemies Reconcile, Co-Sponsor Pro-Israel Legislation in Washington

You know that Donald Trump is already making America Great Again when sworn enemies on the same side of the political aisle are shaking hands and agreeing on welcome policy reforms.

Check out the video below:

Lindsey Graham apologized to Ted Cruz for the nasty things that he had said about him during the Election 2016 general election.

Lindsey Graham gave two thumbs up and said "Make America Great Again."

Graham and Cruz talked about Rex Tillerson. The Senator from Texas introduced Tillerson to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, too. That's interesting, indeed.

Cruz was not afraid to call Putin "a thug" for his aggressive, warlike behavior in Ukraine. Let's not forget what happened in Crimea!

Graham even suggested Cruz should be the next Secretary of State. Cruz would be great.

But they two of them were meeting together on Morning Joe to discuss bold legislation to defund the United Nations.

This is incredible. The Republicans should have don this decades ago. Now that we have all seen how the United Nations is a globalist, anti-Semitic cabal.

"Cut off their money, and that will get their attention."

He also appreciated Cruz' leadership on this matter to strengthen US-Israeli relations.

Two major foreign policy wins for our country and for conservatives:

1. Defund the UN
2. Move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Brought to you by two erstwhile enemies in the United States.

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