Thursday, January 5, 2017

Texas House Speaker Straus: Sellout on Secure Borders, Sanctuary Cities, and Citizens

Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss is a fairly liberal legislative leader.

I have heard reports from a number of corners throughout the state of Texas that he is not the principled and direct as more conservative representatives throughout the state.

Republican moderate Joe Strauss
Speaker of the Texas State House

Sources among the conservative grassroots in the state of Texas have outlined to me how Straus relies on a massive warchest not just for his own elections, which he dispatches with relative ease. He helps other Republicans get elected to their legislative seats, and they return the favor by supporting him as Speaker of the House. 

Democrats like his liberal leanings on key issues, so they settle for him. With their 100% support, Straus does not need the majority of the majority of his caucus to win.

Breitbart Texas reported on the 2015 re-election of Joe Strauss ... with the strong help of Democratic lawmakers and why they work with a section of the Republican majority to elect him:

As the minority party, they [The Texas House Democratic caucus] do not have the numbers to elect one of their own as Speaker, but a number of them have admitted that they prefer Straus, who they view as more moderate, over his predecessor, Rep. Tom Craddick (R-Midland) or another conservative challenger.

More moderate? Democrats know how to organize and play their advantage, even in the minority. For the past two years, House and Senate votes often relied on the Democratic Party in order to pass in Washington DC, even though the Republicans are currently in charge of both chambers. Leadership should be passing legislation and advancing an agenda.

More reason to doubt Straus' speakership. More comments about his ascension in 2015:

Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) is now virtually guaranteed to be victorious in his re-election for Speaker, as thirty five more Republican State Representatives announced this week that they would endorse him. Straus has faced ongoing criticism that he has failed to advance a conservative legislative agenda that reflects the will of the Texas people on a number of key issues, most notably the issue of protecting the unborn.

Pro-life legislation still passed, although one source inform me that he has still operated behind closed doors to restore funding to Planned Parenthood, even after the state of Texas enacted the policy to stop taxpayer funding to the abortion mill which masquerades as a health service.

It's time for Republicans of all backgrounds to act on principle, and not just power. The Republican legislature should be leading the charge for an effective, aggressive agenda, one which serves the interests of all citizens, while diminishing the burdens of the state in our lives.

Guess what? Speaker Straus doesn't want to say much when it comes to enforcement of Texas' borders!

As thousands of illegal immigrants continue to cross the Texas-Mexico border each day, U.S. resources are strained and overwhelmed. A letter–dated May 2, 2014–addressed to Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw, asks for increased law enforcement in border counties. Both Governor Rick Perry and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst have signed the letter–Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus, however, still has not signed it.

"Democrats like me! YAY!

George "El Conservador" Rodriguez reports about "Illegal Alien" Joe Strauss:

Check this out... Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has repeatedly said he wants to eliminate the Texas program allowing certain undocumented immigrants to pay in-state college tuition that allows illegal aliens to pay tuition at the lower in-state rate, BUT Texas state house speaker Joe Straus said on Wednesday, Jan 4, that program is “perfectly acceptable”.

So, Straus wants to realize the dreams of illegals, but what about citizens, especially our young citizens who face unprecedented challenges to the life and welfare for their communities? They are finding fewer job prospects at this time 

It should not be a surprise that Speaker Straus sides with illegal aliens, since he has directly and indirectly opposed anti-illegal immigration efforts by the state. This is because Straus was elected and has maintained his Speaker position with the help of 100% of the Democrats in the Texas state house.

For example, Straus dragged his feet in 2014 in support of the funding for state law enforcement when there was a huge illegal alien surge on the south Texas border (SA Express-News 5/21/2014). He also had his house committee chairs ignore or defeat anti-illegal alien legislation like anti-Sanctuary Cities bills (WND 2/16/2016).


This Speaker has to go, then! The Republican voters across the state of Texas did not send their representatives to Austin in order to continue with business as usual. With SIEU Texas going bankrupt, and religious conservatives rising up in strength, timid Republican representatives have no reason to fear, anyway.

Straus has the support of big money lobbyists that want cheap labor, the GOP Establishment that includes “professional” Hispanics who play the race card for their own benefit, the Democrats who want open borders and race-based politics, and the liberal mainstream media. Texas citizens and legal residents should ask Straus, “What’s the point of being a citizen or legal resident if illegal aliens, people who are in the state and country without permission, get the same benefits, privileges and rights?”

Exactly! When words lose their meaning, the people lose their liberty. Straus needs to protect the interests of legal residents and uphold the rule of law.

The election for Speakership takes place January 10. If Straus refuses to get in line with protecting privacy, biology, and our borders, then he needs to step down and resign his seat in Austin.

If Texas, or any other state, is ever going to stop illegal immigration, it must end any and all magnets that attract and keep illegal aliens in the state. Furthermore, states must stop excusing illegal immigration and rewarding illegal aliens in any form or fashion including, particularly in treating them as citizens and legal residents.

Right. The race card, the gender card, the slave card, the business card, all of them get outplayed by the "rule of law" card. It's just that simple.

I paid your way. You pave the way for me!

Texas state residents should call Speaker Straus’ office (512-463-1000) and demand that he support the termination of this tuition program that allows illegal aliens to be treated the same as citizens and legal state residents. If Straus refuses to take a lead and act, or if he “passes the buck” to one of his committee chairs, he should expose and voted out of office. Citizens and voters must be kept informed and aware of what the second most powerful politician in Texas, Speaker Joe Straus of San Antonio, does in his state leadership position.

Also, notice how the liberal San Antonio Express calls the illegal aliens “migrants” in its banner.

Remember, the defense of freedom and liberty starts in your backyard.

El Conservador     

Straus has proven so far to be too liberal for Texas.

Here are few more sites exposing his corrupted, misplaced priorities:

Give Straus an earful, tell his office to: 
  • Put Americans first.
  • Defund sanctuary cities.
  • Repeal the "Nightmare" Act (in-state tuition for illegal aliens)
  • Re-enforce border security and security agents
  • Protect life
  • Protect Privacy
  • Protect American citizens' Bill of Rights
  • End support for mental disorders as civil rights (transgenderisn)
Capitol Address:
Room 2W.13
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768 
(512) 463-1000
(512) 463-0675 Fax

District Address:
7373 Broadway,
Suite 202-A
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 828-4411
(210) 832-9994 Fax

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