Friday, January 20, 2017

RINO--PLAC Conspiring to Rob the Beach Cities Republicans of Members?

Just before the "Republican Party of Los Angeles County (Henceforth known as RINO-PLAC) unceremoniously and unjustly revoked the charter for the Beach Cities Republicans, I received this tip from an active Republican working the South Bay-Harbor region.

The Facebook comment thread included the following remarks:

John Stammreich -- I got a message yesterday that RPLAC was advising local beach city Republicans to not join BRC and for certain members to resign from it! What the hell is going on?! BRC is a chartered organization within RPLAC and RPLAC officers are required by its Bylaws to support its chartered organizations. The officers who are engaged in this division should be required to step down. I don't have names yet, but my source is a VERY credible elected official! I would trust this person with my kids!

Arthur C. Schaper -- Thank you also for your support. This is just sad! No wonder Republicans are hurting right now in the state of California. If local leaders act like this, who needs Demo-rats?
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Sandra Goetz -- so tired of their games....such a losing strategy.

Well, guess what?

In the last two days, The Beach Cities Republicans added at least seven more members to our roster.

At the Inaugural breakfast, three more people signaled their interest in joining.

Shame on the RINO-PLAC leaders for discouraging and threatening locally elected officials and current members not to join.

Unlike RINOPLAC, the Beach Cities Republicans has been doing stuff to build the conservative movement and get people excited about being Republicans, even in deep blue California!

But now the ugly head of RINOPLAC rears itself.

No wonder Los Angeles County has been in such a mess! The leadership charged with registering voters, organizing the vote, and teaching our values has been missing in action, Instead, they have been turning their guns on fellow Republicans, particularly the base, the grassroots, the activists.

Shame on them!

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