Wednesday, January 18, 2017

California Faces Budget Shortfall Because of Illegal Alien "Health Insurance"

The California State Legislature cannot balance its budget.

California is facing a budget shortfall (so much for trusting "fiscally conservative" Jerry Brown to carry the Golden State from the red to the black.

The reckless liberal Democrats have no interest in the future. They don't care about solvency or a secure legacy for all Californians.

They care about their pet causes, their special interest donors, and their future careers.

That's it.

Now, there's a YUGE hole in the state budget.

From Janet West:

That $1.4 billion "math error", which they didn't identify the reason, on the proposed California budget (reported by Thomas Krouse on FB) is the same amount as the MCO tax money which I've been saying theDemocrats were padding in the federal healthcare dollars to help pay for the illegal alien healthcare. Most of the reports I've seen have put the amount at from $1.1 billion to $1.7 billion but here's one that has this exact figure.

"The three-year tax on managed care organizations is expected to bring in nearly $1.4 billion a year to fund Medi-Cal, the state-federal government health program for people with low

That could mean the incoming Trump team has identified this scam and has called California on it.

How about no taxes? How about enforcing our immigration laws?

Illegal aliens need to go. They should not be getting any benefits from this state, except an easy ride to the border, where they get in line to enter legally or not come back at all.

H/T Janet West


  1. These states that have put liberal democratic idiots in charge need to be cut loose from the federal government apron strings and told to make on their own.

  2. From Janet West of We the People Rising:

    "This may not come as a surprise to you, but I was pleasantly surprised
    when I was trying to get more info on this California budget "math
    error" to find your blog on the first page of search.


  3. This is amazing I really hope you can clean out all the illegals because it just isn't a tax problem it is also them killing Americans. if our laws were enforced not only for California but also on a national level our baby girl would still be here and I would have to be going to a murder trial in march to defend our Tierra and be her voice because she was killed by an illegal alien.