Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vindicated: LA Times Confirms Veronica Tomas LIED About Chanell Temple

The LA Times article about me confirmed that Veronica Tomas is a racist bigot -- and she lied about Chanell Temple at the May 2nd, 2017 El Monte City Council meeting.

Here's the report from the article:

Chanell Temple, a black Trump supporter who said she lost a bookkeeping job because she couldn’t speak Spanish, said during public comments that immigrants in the country illegally are “riding off the backs of blacks,” usurping their hard-fought civil rights movement.
Schaper held a sign asking El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero: “Who do you work for?? Americans or illegals!!!”

Verguenza!” Schaper shouted in Spanish, pointing at Quintero. Shame on you!
As the group filed out, someone yelled, “You’re the KKK!” Another person hissed, “vendida!” (sellout) at Trump supporter Loretta Sanchez, from Hesperia.
El Monte resident Veronica Tomas stood near the door, taking video as Temple walked toward her.

“Get that phone out of my face,” Temple said, walking into her. Tomas shrieked and dropped her phone. Police held the women apart as Schaper and the others rushed to the parking lot, whispering their next meeting place that night: a Denny’s in Temple City.

You want to know who said "vendida" to Loretta Sanchez?

Veronica Tomas

Here;s the video from Naui's own YouTube channel:

Check out the first minute of the view, all from Veronica's own carem!

Notice also that the report points out that Tomas dropped her phone.

Chanell never attacked or touched Veronica.

WOW! How does it feel, Veroninca, when even the liberal press exposes your lies?!

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