Saturday, June 17, 2017

Update: Democratic Veterans Club Trying to Protect Josh Newman

Just because an elected official is a veteran does not give him a pass to vote for legislation which harms us, limits our rights, and takes our money.

Josh Newman, Democratic US Senator who barely squeaked by to win Senate District 29 in North Orange County.

The numbers should have favored another Republican victory, but reports indicated that Ling-Ling Chang didn't hustle for the seat.

That loss gave the Democratic Party the slim supermajority to do pretty much whatever they wanted to.


The recall effort has been revving up, and the Democratic Party in Sacramento is terrified.

So much so, that they changed the rules--unfairly--to protect tax-hiking, illegal alien pandering Josh Newman.

But they are still worried.

Check out what Democratic consultant Basil Kimbrew sent out on his listserv:



Greetings Arthur Christopher, 


Senator Josh Newman Army Veteran

Chef Basil: Operation 
 Senator Josh Newman Army Veteran

Our very own veteran and past 1st Vice Chair of the Veterans Caucus, Senator Josh Newman, needs your help right now.
Republicans are collecting signatures to conduct a recall election and Senator Newman has only been in office for 6 months. His seat is critical to the State Senate because he gives Democrats the 2/3 super-majority to approve taxes without any Republican support.
Democrats need to stand up and #MaulTheRecall.
Senator Newman cares about Californians as evidenced by him voting for California's single-payer health care (SB 562), voting to make California a Sanctuary State (SB 54), and voting to raise taxes in order to pay for desperately needed road repairs and public transportation. 
But, he barely won his election in November 2016; by 2,500 votes out of a total of 318,000 cast. That's less than a 1% difference! 

If we want to keep making progress in California, we need to #MaulTheRecall.
We need volunteers to reach out early and combat Republican lies to get voters to sign the recall petition. 

Sign up at or call 714 882 1267.

Volunteers shifts are available everyday from 10am to 6pm--please sign up to #MaulThe Recall.



Why this violent, sinister element to the fight against the recall?


This eblast from a well-connected, active, and controversial activist highlights the fact that "The Democracy" is committed to pull every stop to ensure their iron grip on political power in the state of California.

Veterans, Republican and Democrat, did not fight in foreign wars and protect our domestic liberties to ensure local totalitarian governents would undermine American citizens.

This is shameful. It's time to oust Newman and the entire Democratic hegemony ruining the Golden State!

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