Saturday, June 24, 2017

Torrance Democratic Club President Gets OWNED at Maxine Waters Town Hall

All the Democratic operatives showed up en masse to stand by their Welfare ueen Maxine.

It didn't turn out so well for them.

Check out Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club.

He didn't expect to see so many freedom-loving patriots there.

Instead, he faced incredible opposition, especially after I revealed what he and a bunch of hostile SJWs had done at a veterans Hall in West Carson:

We let him have it!

Police him to step away from the center

The crowds that surrounded him gave him more wrath than he could have imagined.

It was a glorious day, seeing liberal loonies getting a taste of their own medicine!

Check out the extended recording of the event below:

At the end of the town hall, Waters had nowhere to go!

She had to face the wrath of the voters, the constituents, the countrymen who want her gone for good!

What a great day it was!

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