Friday, June 16, 2017

Yes, Conservatives, We Must Politicize the Scalise Attack

It was 7:45 in the morning, June 14th, 2017 Pacific Standard Time. I was talking with a good friend bout an upcoming town hall. We were planning a very “in your face” takedown of liberal Congressmen. We are not playing nice, and we don’t apologize for it.

Then the Breaking News apps exploded on my phone. I learned that a horrific shooting was instigated by Bernie supporter, rabid anti-Republican agitator James Hodgkinson. He massacred Republicans preparing for a softball game at an Alexandria, VA baseball diamond. He shot four people, including two DC police officers, a Congressional aide, and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana. Hodgkinson had planned this attack over several weeks, but was killed at the scene.

For me, the fact that we knew the attacker was a Bernie Sanders supporter proved that the new, “alternative” media of conservative pundits and independent journalists are already making the difference to level the political playing field. Instead of allowing the left to draw up a narrative favorable to their political goals, the Left now has to play defense. Within hours, the major conservative media elites predicted—how predictably—that the Democratic Party and left-wing activist around the country would rally for more gun control.

I wanted Independent, Democratic socialist US Senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to step down. Yes, I did.  Why? First, the left-wing maniac was a Bernie supporter, and thus was in lock-step with Socialism, and its full-grown development Communism: booth violent ideologies. Sanders pushes socialism, yet likes to hide its violent core. Hasn’t anyone noticed the escalating violence exploding around the country against conservatives, pro-family networks, and Trump supporters of all backgrounds? Indeed, this is the result of their unchallenged commitment to government-run utopianism.  The center-left political world is defined by and built on force. In California, liberty advocates, Republicans, and Trump supporters have faced numerous threats and repeated attacks. This is not a game to us, and the Resistance is real.

And it’s deadly.

Sanders’ regressive, secular progressive is an evil force. We can’t hide this fact anymore. The “Democracy” which has lost considerable influence all over the country, has turned into a terrorist-sympathizing political action committee.

Of course, why are we still surprised about this? The unpalatable attacks and hatred did not break out on a softball field two days ago. From 1829, when the modern Democratic Party of Andrew Jackson sanctioned the theft of Indian land; to Democratic House Rep. Preston Brook’s savage beating of Republican abolitionist US Senator Charles Sumner; to the violent strikes of left-wing labor unions and even the government sanctioned internment of Japanese-Americans under a Democratic President, the violent, forceful descent of the Democratic Party has become a front-and-center reality.
Before this shooting, Scalise faced the verbal bullying for three months straight following his election to Majority Whip three years ago. Why? Over a decade ago, some KKK wannabe spoke at a meeting where he had attended.

That means that Scalise was a raging racist, right?


And yet, even after Republicans had trounced Democrats all over the country—even in “Lost Cause” California—Republicans and conservative pundits were still reacting to rather than running the media shame, blame, and “name names” game. Some columnists, even here on, were urging Scalise’s resignation.

That kind of smear campaign has characterized the modern Democratic Party and their operating wings like Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Media for decades. We need to wake up to the harsh realities, conservatives. Liberal loonies will never play nice. They must be disciplined, defeated into complete submission, and the “Democracy” shut down like a bad business infecting the kids in the neighborhood with poisoned candy.

The thuggocracy of the Left knows no bounds. Kids are being taught in our schools that envy is a virtue. They listen to the radio and TV while reading online about the invidious discrimination which defines the Republican Party. They buy products from corporations (aka Kellogg’s, George Soros, etc.) hell-bent on keeping destructive, activist left-wing groups funded. Wake up, conservatives. The culture wars have only begun. We won the first battle on Election Day, and We the People have been slowly gaining ground over the last six months.

But don’t think for one second that the bonhomie overwhelming Washington after Scalise’ near-death experience is going to change the vitriolic political culture in DC or across the country between the growing Right and the receding Left:

1. Nancy Pelosi mourned the gun crimes against Scalise, then announced that he had died. Sorry, Nancy, but he’s alive, although in more critical condition following two surgeries.

2. The New York Times revived an awful smear against Sarah Palin, claiming that the former Governor of Alaska was responsible for the gun massacre which targeted and severely wounded former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

3. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe immediately called for more gun control, as have Berniecrats and other Democrats around the country.

This is all outrageous. Gun control only controls law-abiding citizens. The presence of firearms ensured that Hodgkinson’s attacks did not kill everyone on the field. The Democratic talking points for more gun control are beyond incompetent or dangerous. They are subversive.

It’s time for Republicans to politicize this terrible massacre. This fight is about fighting lies with truth, media manipulation with facts and figures. It’s about individual Americans defending themselves against a corrupt government seeking to undermine our liberty and safety.

When I got news that it was a Berniecrat who tried to kill a member of our Congressional delegation, I demanded that Sanders get an earful if not resign outright. We need to hold the corrupt, liberal media accountable for sanitizing Democratic violence, too. There is nothing wrong with making sure that no crisis goes to waste. Republicans should not only unify over this terrible attack, but hang it on the Democratic Party, which has embraced sedition and violence as acceptable political talking points, which have now culminated in the devastating attempted murder of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise

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