Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekend At Bernie Sanders: The 1% Socialist Hypocrite

Socialism is a creed of envy, exploited by the politically connected to make themselves wealthy at the expense of the poor, the very people whom they claim that they want to help.

There is no clearer, better example of this than Bernie Sanders.

This man routinely lived on welfare. He lived very briefly on a kibbutz, although he was later kicked out because he was lazy.

And now he preaches a progressive prosperity gospel, in which the rich who are getting richer should subsidize the poor who are getting poorer. 

Of course, Sanders does not want to talk about how much more wealth he is taking on, now, does he?

For months, people have been wondering why former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) failed to file his required financial dislocate forms with the United State Senate. After a heated Democrat primary against Hillary Clinton about income disparity, Sanders seemed to be hiding something. And it didn’t help that his wife is under FBI investigation for a property deal.
Now, Sanders finally has come clean and filed his report. The reason for the delay?
He probably doesn’t want you to know he made $858,000 in book royalties last year.
I have reported in other posts that Sanders is quite the regressive hypocrite, actually.
He is a warmongering sellout to many on the Left. He voted for military authorization against Afghanistan. He also supported military intervention in Kosovo. Aggravated pacifists staged a sit-in in his Burlington, Vermont Congressional office over that!
In spite of the increasingly left-wing push for gun control, which has taken over the Democratic Party, he is pro-gun. That makes him a right-wing gun nut, doesn't it?!
Let's not forget what a truly political animal he is. After all, the Vermont Democratic Party and the United States Democratic Party in Congress made a deal with Bernie, which would allow him smooth sailing without any real opposition from a Democratic contender, provided that he sided with the Democratic Party on key issues.

So much for independence, right?
And now, Lo and Behold--he has turned into the 1% he loves to vilify!
I wonder when he will start paying his fair share?

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