Sunday, June 25, 2017

The True LGBT Agenda: HATE

I have been saying this for a long time.

MassResistance has been beating this drum even longer..

The LGBT Agenda is not about love.

It's never been about acceptance, either.

It's about hatred.

Check out the latest fad from the LGBT movememnt:

Here's a great tweet which highlighted the above photo:
But here's what I am proud of!
I am amazed at the positive reactions I have received for standing up to the LGBT agenda.

I was worried about what people would say when I confronted the Wiseburn School District:

The reposne has been overwhelming and supportive.

More people are not just awake and aware, but now they are no longer afraid to call out homosexuality and transgenderism as full-on perversions. These behaviors are not civil rights. They
are are not normal, and they are not normative. They are destructive--and it's time for us to shout "Enough!" This is wrong, and we are not going to tolerate it anymore.

The true LGBT agenda has always been and will ever be hate.

Hatred of God.

Hatred of Truth

Hatred of Family

Hatred of self!

Let's face it: many people who struggle with same-sex attraction or have engaged in same-sex conduct or have fallen into transgender dsyfunction are hurting people.

The answer is not shame for those individuals in pain. The answer is the truth which sets us free.

As for those who enable these perverse and abusive agendas, lying and deceiving parents and children alike, they need to feel the wrath of the voters, the parents, and every citizen in the state of Californa.

Let us cast asideany shame  they try to push on us. Let us all stand tall for truth. Let us be Out and Proud for Biblical morality--life, gender, sexuality, and marriage.

Eough with LGBT  Hate. For Love trumps hate!

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