Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Surprise! Twitter in the Tank for #VoteForOssoff

The brazen liberal bias of social  media is just astounding.

They are so desperate to stop Trump, that they are ready to trend anything that pushes the anti-American Left-wing agenda at all costs!

Check out which hash tags are currently trending:

We need Karen Handel to win this House Race special election.

Ca you imagine the crow that the press, the social media, and the rest of the crashing and burning left-wing phalanx will have to eat when Handel scoops up this seat, too?

The Democratic Party spent $50 million
and all they got was this lousy carpetbagger?

Remember how much money the Democratic Party poured into this seat?

Try $50 million!

Which party has been raising money hand over fist this past year?

The Republican Party, taking in twice the haul as the the Communistic Democrats for one month only.

Trump should have appointed more Congressional representatives to the Executive Cabinet, and watch the Democrats scramble and spend tens of millions trying to capture those seats! I wonder how much money they will have left in 2018?

In the meantime, everyone, make sure to get GOTV for Karen Handel!

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