Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Press Release: Corrupt Mayor, Council Defy Federal Law—Patriots Fight Back, Get Arrested for Exercising Their Rights

Chris Garcia, aka Cudahy Corrupto Chris, has pushed the city of Cudahy to the brink of bankruptcy. In January 2015, he declared Cudahy a sanctuary city, ensuring more lawlessness, corruption, and blight in the already troubled city.

Cudahy Corrupt Chris Garcia

Since then, American citizens fed up with the rampant lawlessness of Garcia and cronies have protested, calling on federal law enforcement agencies to cut funding and arrest the abusive council members.

On June 26th, 2017, a small group of dedicated patriots attended the Cudahy City Council meeting to exercise their First Amendment Rights.

As soon as they drove off, thugs and gang members connected with Cudahy Mayor Chris Garcia and his corrupt colleagues followed the citizen-activists.

They ended up surrounding one of the cars, driven by retired parole officer and veteran Thomas Green. Four other people were in the vehicle, including two mothers.

Fearing for their safety, Green drew out his firearm to ward off further danger. To correct any misinformation, Green is a licensed concealed-carry permit holder who carries his firearm with him at all times. Green was acting fully within his Second Amendment rights.

Instead of arresting or detaining the racist thugs and gang  members associated with Cudahy Mayor Chris Garcia and those associated with his corrupt, lawless agenda, 20 deputies surrounded Green’s vehicle, then subject the retired parole officer to a shameful search and seizure in front of the entire community.

Green was later arrested, then released with a misdemeanors citation for “brandishing a weapon.”

For a closer view of the dangers facing the Trump supporters, view the following video below:

More information pending.

For further questions, please contact:
Arthur Schaper
LA County for Trump

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