Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cudahy Chaos: LA County Sheriff to Harrassed Lady Trump Supporters: "Harrassment is not a Crime"

Someone needs to get the badge number of this wayward, unresponsive sheriff's deputy.

While the Cudahy City Council meeting was placidly continuing without interruption, two women were being followed and harassed by an angry mom of Brown Supremacists and lawless hatemongers.

They insist on keeping the lawlessness in place in Cudahy. They want to retain the destructive sanctuary city label because they like the virtue signalling, for what it is worth. This is totally shameful.

Sheriff's Deputy to Trump Supporters

It is unbelievable what those women were put through.

Instead of protecting them, however, the LA County Sheriff's deputy simply told them to get out of the street.

Then he told them that "Harassment is not a crime":

Indeed, the Cuda-haters who were following these two women around, who were taunting and harassing them. where endangering their lives.

But the sheriff's deputy could only say: "Harassment is not a crime. Get out of the street."


This is both shameful and disgraceful.

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  1. These two women should take a copy of this video and file a formal complaint with LASD Internal Affairs. Clearly their safety was at risk. This mob was not merely following them. They were pushing them off of "their streets" and out of "their city". They were threatening, 'You better fucking run" and "You better be fucking scared". They turned to the Deputies for Help and they made it worse by doing nothing and showing the mob they were not going to help them. This is a crime. By definition of 404(a) of the Penal Code it was a riot. At the very least, it was a Disturbance of the Peace 415(2). Even if they didn't make any arrests, the Deputies had a duty to assist these two women. Far less threatening actions by far smaller mobs have been the justification for law enforcement to use force, up to and including deadly force. for their own self defense. "Harassment is not a crime" my ass.