Friday, June 23, 2017

OUTRAGEOUS: Children's Library Promotes Sexual Perversion

The end is near.

Hopefully, the end that I am writing about will be the regressive illiberal left-wing agenda that has currently overwhelmed the state of California. I was just talking to a 40-plus year resident of this state, and even they cannot understand how the once Golden State has become tarnished.

Illegal aliens are not just overrunning the border, but their enablers are running our cities.

The labor unions decide how much they make (including retirement), rather than We the Taxpayers.

And this is the worst yet: the state of California is turning into a Rainbow fascist concentration camp. The whole destructive, perverse, immoral, anti-biological LGBT agenda is encroaching into ever facet of our society.

It's untenable.

Our children, even as young adults, should not be learning about sexuality. Sex ed should stick to two genders, the formation of life, and abstinence.

Now, children are subjected to LGBT Pride Month!

Here is the outside of the Wiseburn Library:

It looks like a simple, welcoming family library.

Check out this billboard:

This library is featured for young people!

But walk inside, and here is the display awaiting everyone, standing right in the middle of the small library.

Look at the books and the display that I found at the Wiseburn Library in Hawthorne, CA:

This is outrageous!


Now are kids are subject to LGBT perversion!

Notice LGBTQ+ 

"Q" means "questioning", and this  aspect often targets children, especially teenagers.

This is a subversive agenda targeting children--and look, it's in the children's library, which is located on property which belongs to the Wiseburn Unified School District.

(More on my contact with the school district later)

Look at the books that are  made available, for a predominantly young audience!

"You grow out of it"---likely a reference to the initial advice that parents give to "questioning" children.

These concerns cannot be addressed in some states, however, since they have banned repairative therapy for minors who struggle with sexuality identity.

Now, they have to endure the pain of same-sex conduct and confusion until they reach adulthood.

This book ""Putting makeup on the Fat Boy" was endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats!

That is an aggressive homosexual political movement! The whole LGBT movement is politicized from beginning to end, from top to bottom.

Contrary to the the cautious protestations of the first LGBT agitators, this agenda has been all about targeting children.

 The above book talks about women who had to pretend they were men in order to accomplish great deeds.

But the deeper agenda rests on teaching young children that gender does not matter, that it's a mere social construct built up in our head and our minds.

Yet transgenderism is deeply destructive, basically enshrining mental illness as a civil right, endangering our lives and our culture.

Now why is the Wiseburn library providing this book, a book that is within arms' reach of children? A legal study/primer on how two men or two women can get married?

Go back to sex ed,or the sex ed videos that your fifth grade teachers showed you.

It takes a Mom and a Dad to have a Kid. It's not that complicated.

Notice how the LGBT agenda wants to color and divert serious historical events which require deep study and erudition:

"Branded by the Pink Triangle." As clearly displayed in the cover, the barbed wire covered the pink trouble speaks about the concentration camps during World War II. One report from a holocaust survivor has countered this "gay holocaust victim" narrative, but more information on that later.

In Hitler's Germany, non-Germans as well as political rivals, drug users, and other "undesirables" were shoved into concentration camps.

The most heinous aspect of the Holocaust targeted the 6,000,000 Jews. No other ethnic group in Europe was targeted by Nazi German as savagely as the Jews.

So, this kind of filth is being pushed in children's faces.

Where are the parents to confront this nonsense?

Do they really understand the consequences of the whole LGBT behavior and political agenda?

California MassResistance was ready to stand up to this folly.

Here's my statement on the "LGBT Pride Month" featured right in the middle of a kid's library, which is located right next to TWO schools--one for elementary Kindergarten through Second Grade, and a Middle Schoo grades 6 through 8.

This development was so disturbing to me, that I spoke with one patron at the library.

She's a grandmother, and she was not happy with what she saw displayed in the center of the library

"I think sex should be taught at home. I think kids should be allowed to be kids."

Yet she also acknowledged that there was not much that she could do about it.

And that's where MassResistance comes in!

At the 7:00pm Wiseburn Unified School Board Meeting, I spoke to the school board, demanding an explanation about this information. What do the parents think? Does the board and its professional working group think that such information is appropriate?

The normally quiet school board meetings got quite a jolt that evening.

The presiding officer asked me one question: "Have you spoken with the county about this matter?"

In response, I told them that would be my next step, but for the time being, I needed to reach out to leadership in the school district, the same district where the vast majority of its K-8 student population uses the very library promoting homosexuality, transgenderism. and distorted historical records with a paraphiliac agenda.

Final Reflection

In spite of the fears about speaking out on these deeply divisive and disturbing issues, I have been surprised and encouraged by the support from viewers of my video above.

Despite what the media and major corporations want Americans to think, most people do not support this perverse and slowly pervasive LGBT agenda contaminating our schools and indoctrinating our kids.

It's time for us to stand for truth, and not be intimidated but the hate-mongering gay and transgender lobby. If I can speak to a small school board on the dangers of the LGBT behaviors and agenda, I know that anyone else in their communities can do the same!

UPDATE (June 23, 2017)

I visited another library run by Los Angeles County, specifically the Lomita Library, which is also located in the South Bay region of the county. There was no set up for Gay Pride month.

Also, in another library in Hawthorne, CA, there was no LGBT pride month display either.

So, why did Wiseburn permit such a perverse display, especially in a library that primarily serves local school children and their families?

Please contact the Wiseburn Acting Library Manager:

Samantha Kline: (310) 643-8880

Don Rowe, Assistant Regional Director: (310) 830-0231

Barbara Custen, Assitant Director: (562) 940-8409

Aldo Ynigo-Assistant Head, Facilities Services: (562) 940 - 8484

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