Monday, June 19, 2017

Squeezed: Even The "AssClown" Orange Juice Blog Hates Me #WINNING

Now the OC Juice Blog is after me.

What is the matter with these liberals?

Are they not used to men and women of a conservative bent, who support Donald Trump, and who intend to see that Orange County stays red country?

Check out what they posted about Lou Correa a few days ago:

The Liberal OC Squeeze is all upset that Correa is paying slightly more attention to governing, rather than pandering to the rest of the left-wing insanity which has engulfed Washington DC. After all, Correa ran as the more centrist of the two Democrats in the 2016 Congressional election to replace Loretta Sanchez, who launched her long-shot bid for United States Senate to replace Barbara Boxer.

Of course, this article was supposed to focus on the fact that the first-term Democrat and former member of the Board of Supervisors won't join forces to go after Trump over the emolument clause. There is no crime or misdemeanor in  Trump using facilities in Mar-a-lago to host world leaders and make great deals.

Now, how do I figure into this article?

Here's the picture captioned in the article:

The caption at the bottom of the picture says it all. The report neglects to mention that Trump supporter "assclowns" of all backgrounds showed up to protect the illegal alien town hall hosted by the Congressman.

Does the writer think that Hispanic women or young Persian-American men are assclowns, too? What hatred, yet how wonderful it is to see the liberal lunacy in California getting triggered and alarmed so easily.

For all their hardened pretensions, the Democratic Party is starting to realize that for everything they try to invest into the OC, they are not going to have the pathway they hoped for to push open borders, illegal alien pandering, and the rapid undermining of our country.

But at least We the People Rising, Los Angeles County for Trump and other pro-Trump patriots are driving liberals nuts, playing by their rules and turning them on their own heads.

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