Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Democratic Party Bloodbath Begins

I love getting spam from They are livid and hemorrhaging about the Democratic Party caving to the Republicans and losing to Donald Trump in the general election. They are now realizing that the entire progressive agenda constructed by Barack Obama is about to fail and fall apart all around them, and there is nothing they can do about it.

They are even harassing and stepping on other Democratic US Senators and warning them that they will face primary challenges if they do not stay true to their far-left wing ideology.

This is going to be fun for Republicans to watch for the next four years!

Check out this eblast I received from Robert Reich:
Dear MoveOn member,
Thanks to MoveOn, Democrats in Congress are beginning to get the message: We need to up our game and resist a would-be tyrant who has taken a wrecking ball to our democracy. And now that we have a Supreme Court nominee, this resistance work is more important than ever.

Donald Trump is no normal president. So it's time for new rules.
But here's the problem: many Democrats in Congress—especially Senate Democrats—have needed repeated wake-up calls to throw away their (very) old political playbooks and fight with the fierce intensity that this moment demands.
That's why MoveOn's team has mounted a targeted campaign to stiffen the spines of lackluster congressional Democrats and turbo boost the efforts of those at the state and local levels who are rising—courageously, creatively, and doggedly—in opposition to Donald Trump's unprecedented attacks on our nation.
Will you join me by chipping in $5 a month to support this critical work?
Countless MoveOn members have already been mobilizing in unprecedented numbers—swelling protests at airports, organizing hundreds of rallies at Senate offices, breaking records for national organizing training calls (a world record!), and overwhelming congressional phone lines.
Here's how MoveOn is focusing this surge of energy to have the biggest impact:
  • Exacting razor-sharp accountability: MoveOn is calling on Senate Democrats to do everything in their power to grind Senate business to a halt—to completely block Trump's Supreme Court nominee—until Trump's Muslim ban and his other immoral, unconstitutional attacks on the fabric of our nation are reversed.
  • Taking back power: MoveOn is lifting up and supporting genuine progressive leaders at the local and state levels—defiant mayors standing strong in defense of sanctuary cities, brave state attorneys general poised to make their states bastions of resistance, and scrappy state representatives going to the mat to defend women's right to choose.
  • Building progressive leadership for the long haul: MoveOn is building these state and local leaders a base of support so resilient and powerful that they have the political cover and resources necessary to forge on as the new faces of the Democratic Party.
MoveOn's team is committed to all of this critical work, but it's tremendously labor-intensive. Which is why I'm asking: Will you join me by chipping in $5 a month to support this critical work?
When civil rights hero Representative John Lewis announced he would not attend Trump's swearing-in ceremony, MoveOn went all-in on a national campaign initiated by CREDO that demanded that principled Democrats stand with Rep. Lewis. And the Inauguration Day boycott grew to more than 70 Democrats.
This nation hasn't seen that kind of inauguration resistance since Richard Nixon.
(And we saw what happened to him.)
If you've craved more acts of courage like Rep. Lewis's prophetic call to action—or if you've been outraged at Democrats' overall lack of courageous leadership—I'm with you.
The fact is, MoveOn is one of the most effective organizations I know in leading the ongoing fight to strengthen the spines of Democrats. MoveOn has successfully pushed Democrats to boldly resist Republican extremism for nearly two decades. For example, under George W. Bush, MoveOn helped organize Democrats to block Republicans from privatizing Social Security, and to stand strong against the war in Iraq during a time when many Democrats were being far too timid.
On the precipice of this Supreme Court fight, we need Democrats to fight even harder than before. We need MoveOn to make sure they do.
Thanks for all you do.
–Robert Reich
P.S. Like you, I'm sure, I'm still buzzing from the absolute splendor of the Women's Marches and the passion of last weekend's airport actions. I've kept a list of my favorite signs, and I wanted to share one that made me think especially of MoveOn: "They tried to bury us, but they didn't realize that we were seeds." For me, that captures the sheer beauty of millions of MoveOn members joined together in the fight of our lives. Trump and the GOP are trying to bury us in a firestorm of outrageous and racist attacks on our democracy. But they haven't realized—yet—what we're capable of. Together. 
Thank you for keeping my hope alive. Thank you for helping power MoveOn, and for all you do.

Barack Obama promised his progressive peers and the Democratic Party's base that he would be a hope and change President.


Now, the Democratic Party looks like a hopeless and increasingly irrelevant cause. In cities and states where Democrats dominate, the poverty rates are skryocketing, homeownership is plummeting, the infrastructure is crumbling, the cost of living is outrageous, the schools are indoctrinating children to be useless SJW victims.

It's terrible.

And the only opposition is becoming less vocal by the day in those states.

But throughout the rest of the country, red states are getting redder, and Republicans are putting up a fight for the long haul to govern in the best interests of their citizens rather than in the perverse interest of their Big Business donors.

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